Medic Alert?

on 4/4/14 5:56 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/29/14

I was told by the NP that I should get a Medic Alert bracelet because we can't use NSAIDS or have a certain type of scope.  Has everyone else done this?

I'm on a tight budget right now and don't want an additional monthly expense.


ps...26 days til surgery

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on 4/4/14 6:08 am - Kingston, Canada
RNY on 03/12/13

I got one. I was never told to get one, but, I have read a few things & it sounded like a good idea. I have other medical issues that I included on it too, so, that made it seem like an even better idea.


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on 4/4/14 6:19 am - Brampton, ON, Canada
RNY on 10/15/13

I got one and on my 3 month follow up with the NP  she asked to see it. I had understood it to be optional but when she asked to see my bracelet I suddenly felt  "wow wasn't so optional was it"

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on 4/4/14 8:07 am

When I saw the Nurse, she suggested I get one that said... GASTRIC BYPASS   and NSAIDS.  i plan to purchase it before the surgery. I will just go to an engraving place to get either a necklace or bracelet type.  WORTH it really if anything were to happen afterwards.

Caroline K.
on 4/4/14 11:30 am

Wouldn't that be "No NSAIDS"? I've been thinking of getting one, but am not sure of the proper wording...

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on 4/4/14 8:50 am - Barrie, Canada
RNY on 05/21/13

They have inexpensive ones at universal medical id.

not everyone gets one, but they are recommended. 


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