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on 4/7/14 11:46 pm - Kingston, Canada

Hi everyone! I am currently on day 12 of optifast and my surgery is April 16/14 in Ottawa.  I am very excited to start my new life and have had no problems with the shakes or getting my water in but my weight loss is slow. In 12 days I have only lost 9 lbs... Should I be worried?

  Maggie...Life is too short to hide the sparkle you have within....

on 4/8/14 2:22 am - Canada
RNY on 04/17/14

Hello, I 'm presently on day 13 of opti with my surgery date April 17th in Ottawa. We will be in the same hospital, at the same time. From what I have learned, shrinking the liver is the most important thing, we can do. I have lost around 15lbs since starting opti.  I to am looking forward to a new beginning.

on 4/8/14 3:34 am - Kingston, Canada

See you there buddy! :)


  Maggie...Life is too short to hide the sparkle you have within....

on 4/8/14 3:45 am - Canada
RNY on 04/17/14
On April 8, 2014 at 10:34 AM Pacific Time, Maggie428 wrote:

See you there buddy! :)


I am looking forward to our meeting in Ottawa.   Have you been contacted for a follow-up on May 5 in Ottawa. Believe this is standard procedure, for the one month post- op.


on 4/8/14 8:15 am

That is so cool you will be in hospital at the same time.  First time I have seen this happen at the Ottawa location.  Isn't this forum great?

on 4/8/14 3:09 am - Canada

Hey Maggie my surgery is on April 22nd in Toronto.  I am up in Elliot Lake.  I am on day 15 of opti.  I have not been bothered on the shakes either so far I have lost 16 lbs.  I can't wait until the 22nd.   Good luck :-)  Val

on 4/8/14 3:29 am - Kingston, Canada

Same to you Val, I am sure your surgery will be a success!  Keep me posted!


  Maggie...Life is too short to hide the sparkle you have within....

on 4/8/14 3:29 am - Canada
RNY on 07/17/13

Welcome and good luck with your upcoming surgery. Everyone is different on Opti. I lost 12lbs in 14 days. Some lose a lot..other lose nothing. Don't worry to much, enjoy your own journey!


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on 4/8/14 5:25 am

I asked this same question only a few weeks ago. I thought that after only eating optifast for two weeks would result in this massive weight loss. I woke up one morning and was disappointed in myself for not losing more wieght! Of coarse that is crazy! I was doing everything I was suppose to. I decided to post my question to this forum and after getting similar  answers as you've received , I decided for once in my life I was going  to stop letting the scale control me! I put it away, it was hard and I was tempted but I didn't weigh myself again until the day of the surgery. In the end I lost 10 pounds with optifast, my surgeon was happy with my final result and so was I. Good luck with your surgery. :)

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