Infused Water???

on 8/13/14 6:26 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/29/14

Hi All,

I'm trying to move away from using so much artifical sweetener while still sticking to plan. I thought about trying/making infused water. I think the calories from any fruit or vegetables added will be minimal. 

Does anyone have any favorite recipes and how long will it store in the fridge?




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Karen M.
on 8/13/14 6:54 am - Mississauga, Canada

My favourite is watermelon chunks, cucumber slices and fresh mint. It's rather lovely. Not sure how long it lasts in the fridge as I tend to drink it pretty quickly. ;)



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on 8/13/14 10:48 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada

Cucumber, lime and mint is really good .  I sometimes just use cucumber and mint and other times just cucumber and sometimes all three. I like it with a mix of citrus fruits too.  I don't really like it made with sweeter fruits myself.  Just throw stuff in and see what combo you enjoy.

Karen M.
on 8/13/14 11:21 am - Mississauga, Canada

That's starting to sound like a Mojito - will try that tomorrow, thank you.



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on 8/13/14 3:24 pm - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
RNY on 08/22/14


Here's some info I came across that might be of some help ~

~How long to infuse water~

A good rule is to infuse herbs and fruits for at least 4 hrs to achieve the best flavour and colour. For a faster infusion, infuse at room temperature then serve over ice. You can also infuse for 24 hrs, then remove the ingredients and store the remaining water in the fridge for up to 3-4 days. Taking the fruit and herbs out of the water will prevent the fruit from decomposing in the water.

~How long do infused waters last?~

Drink refrigerated infused waters within 3-4 days of infusing, with same day or next day drinking being optimal. Drink un-refrigerated infused waters the same day as infusing. If drinking water over the course of several days, strain all fruit and herbs from the water after 12-24 hrs of infusing leaving just the flavoured water.

~How to infuse water faster~

Citrus fruits such as lemons will last longer than fleshy fruits such as honeydew. Beware of citrus rinds, as they can create bitter flavours after just a few hrs. Cut the rinds off of citrus before infusing. Fruits will release their flavour and colour faster if left to sit at room temperature. Do not drink fruit infused water that has been sitting out at room temperature for more than 4-5 hrs as it will become a breeding ground for mold and 


~Can fruit be re-used?~

Add more water when the level is half way down. Fruits with strong flavours, such as lemon, pineapple, and orange, are best for multiple infusions. Berries, melons, and fleshy fruits decompose quickly.

~Hot or cold water?~

Boiling water may produce fast results, but it’s better to use cold or room temperature water. Ho****er destroys the enzymes and vitamins in fruit.

~Can you use dried or frozen fruit?~

Frozen fruits can be used, though they do not release as much juice and often fall apart into tiny pieces in the water. Dried fruit doesn't provide very good results or flavour.

~Organic fruit and herbs?~

If infusing fruits with rind or skin on use organic produce to avoid pesticides. If cutting off the rind or skin isn't possible, rinse with a vinegar water solution.


Karen M.
on 8/13/14 4:38 pm - Mississauga, Canada

Great information, thank you!



Ontario Recipes Forum -

on 8/13/14 10:20 pm - Canada

I use a large mason jar and enjoy tossing in several large strawberries cut up then I cover with ice and then add water. I like berries best but I will be trying the watermelon and cucumber mint now.  Someone posted an amazing last summer or maybe the summer before?  But it's what got me started.  At christmas I used fresh cranberries and mandarin wedges with ice it looked beautiful on the table.

 Respectfully Jane
on 8/13/14 11:32 pm - Oshawa, Canada

I like to cut up lemon and lime wedges . I squeeze the juice in the container and then I toss in the fruit. Add water of course! It's very refreshing !

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