Lower abdominal cramping and gassy

on 10/21/14 12:40 am - Canada

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a question to see if anyone else has experienced this. The past few days I have had lower abdominal cramping, not severe but enough to make me go oww once in a while. I have avoided taking any pain medication. It feels like it radiates to my lower back when I am sitting down. The pain is constant and I have found that I am laying down more often because I am tired. I have also noticed I am feeling quite gassy and seem to be passing more stool than normal. I have taken GasX strips. At first I thought this could be a simple case of a upset stomach but it has been ongoing since Saturday. 

I can eat and drink, though most bread products seem to hurt so I am avoiding those. I have kept a eye on my diet in case I was doing something to irratate my bowels. I am a couple weeks away from being one year post op rny. Four months after my rny I had emergency surgery for a small twisted bowel and a internal hernia. I still have my gallbladder and appendix. 

Currently I have no way of getting to my closest Bariatric centre because my husband is away on job assignment for 6 months with the car, local hospital is not the best. If needed I could possibly ask a friend from a local Bariatric group for a ride. I just hate going into Toronto. 

Thanks in advance for any advice!



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on 10/21/14 2:36 am - Ottawa, Canada

Best advice I can give you is to call your Centre and discuss your symptoms with them.

Good luck!










Diminishing Dawn
on 10/21/14 3:32 am - Windsor, Canada

Definitely need to consult your centre on this one. Give them a call. THey will give you suggestions and tell you what to watch out for.  The back thing makes me think it could be gallbladder but you never really know until you get checked out or at least, consult your centre.  Could be as simple as a bug.



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