First surgeon appt. next Tuesday

on 10/25/14 11:23 am
RNY on 04/24/15

I will be seeing Dr. Huyn at Humber next Tuesday.  Anyone here had him for their  surgery?

on 10/26/14 11:16 am
RNY on 04/24/15

Yikes... was hoping to hear some good things about this surgeon.  

on 10/26/14 8:06 pm - Port Hope, ON, Canada
RNY on 02/11/14

I wouldn't take it the wrong way because no one has responded.  It was the weekend.:-) I can't speak on his behalf but I had Dr Klein who works out if the same centre and office! They are All amazing surgeons out of Humber. I don't thing you have any worries! 

Maybe change your title to include his name, it may get more bites! Good luck at your appt and no worries! 


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on 10/26/14 8:38 pm
RNY on 04/24/15
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