Getting There!

on 1/21/15 3:10 am
RNY on 04/24/15

I see Dr. Glazer March 9, then my surgeon Dr. Huynh March 10th, for the second time, to go over the surgery, to sign consents, and get my "OR package".

Hopefully that day, I will get my surgery date!

Finally, almost all hoops jumped.... yipeee!


on 1/21/15 3:12 am
RNY on 02/04/15

So excited for you Judy!!! WOO HOO! 

It isn't easy being green - Kermit the Frog


Mary A.
on 1/21/15 3:43 am

awesome, the patience is the hard part.  I hope that you have taken this time prior to your surgery to make some positive changes in your diet and habits, it will make your post-op recovery much smoother


all the best

prior to surgery 323lbs....4 years post-op maintaining between 108- 114 lb loss. 

life is AMAZING when you continue on the right path~!.  Use your surgeons gift to the fullest~!

surgery done in Duluth, MN

on 1/21/15 7:16 am
RNY on 04/24/15

Thanks Mary,

I have made many changes in preparation for surgery. Working hard to develop new healthy eating habits, and trying to lose some weight prior to surgery. I want to be as prepared as possible.  I'm a "work in progress"  

on 2/1/15 9:05 pm

Congratulatiins :-)


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