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on 6/2/15 10:41 am - Canada

Does anyone know of  private clinics in the Toronto area that will the vertical sleeve if your will to pay for it?

Thanks :)


on 6/2/15 10:48 am - London, Canada
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Not that I've ever heard of. I've heard of self-pay in Montreal and Mexico, but nowhere else in Canada. What's your reasons for self-pay? Have you been referred to the Bariatric Registry?


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Karen M.
on 6/2/15 4:13 am, edited 6/2/15 4:30 am - Mississauga, Canada

Yes. Dr. Chris Cobourn, who is the CEO/Medical Director of the Surgical Weight Loss Centre (Mississauga, North York, B.C.), has a self-pay VSG option for $18,500. This is a new surgical option his clinics have introduced after many, many years of performing the lap band.

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on 6/2/15 11:58 am - Canada

My friend who is looking into this was in contact with Dr Cobourn's clinic.  (I'm going for the RNY, no debate on that for me :) 

Apparently it is not Dr Cobourn who is doing the sleeve, he does the lapband.  The other Dr in the clinic who is doing the sleeve will not perform the sleeve on any patient who has had a previous bariatric surgery. My friend has the lap band and they told her he will not do it, even being self paid.  Sounds strange to me that he is restricting doing the sleeve, but maybe it is a conflict of interest in the clinic with Dr Coburn doing the band?


Karen M.
on 6/2/15 12:08 pm - Mississauga, Canada

I'm afraid that doesn't make sense to me, but hey, maybe there are some "inside legal rule-type things" that they have worked out, who knows? Or maybe your friend misunderstood. Or who knows what.  I would be asking to see Dr. Cobourn for a consultation.



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on 6/2/15 12:41 pm - Canada

Thanks Karen. I will suggest that to her. :)  



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on 6/2/15 1:50 pm - Bumfuknowhere, Canada

Not all surgeons do revisions so that may be the reason.  Dr. C. used to do VSG and RNY in Guelph a few years ago when Dr. P-H was off for family matters.  He does revisions from RNY to band and VGB to band but he may not be signed off to do VSG in Ontario privately.

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