Dr Glazer

on 9/27/15 9:50 am - Canada

I'm finally seeing Dr Glazer tomorrow!  Excited and nervous! I have my meds ready, copies of recent tests, medical history, questions. Is there anything else specifically that I should be prepared for ?  Does he do a BP or ECG in the office? Will he have the blood tests results I had done the day I had my surgeon appt?


on 9/27/15 10:43 am - Canada
RNY on 03/02/16

Hi there.  

I was also nervous when I met with Dr. Glazer, but really it goes pretty quickly.

 He talks really fast, so have all of your questions ready for him.  He will have all of your blood test results, and he will even dictate all of his notes about you on his telephone while you are there..  

It is a little strange, but he is very nice.. 

Good luck.  

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on 9/27/15 12:45 pm - Toronto, Canada

I know he does the BP and ECG in his office before you talk to him. If you had and think you have problems with sleep apnea, you need to have any sleep test results. If you have not addressed that issue, he will be talking to you about your sleep patterns. He should have your blood test results if they are in the HRRH central computer or surgeon has forwarded them to him.

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