1 year check-up

on 4/25/17 6:31 pm - Canada

Just wondering if anyone has missed their one year check up, either because they feel they have not done well enough, or just timing is off with other things in their lives.

How important is this check up?

Do they do blood work?

Thanks for info.


on 4/25/17 8:07 pm
RNY on 05/25/16

Hi there. I can't speak from direct experience but I'm due for my one year follow up next month. I've been told by my centre I can expect the full blood work (10 files) as well as a general check up. I would encourage you and others to attend as this is what we signed up for. Perhaps they will give you or others tips if needed.

Good luck and I hope you aren't too anxious about it.

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on 4/26/17 3:16 am

I'm not at 1 year yet, but definitely go. Especially if you don't feel successful. Use the tools and support offered by your centre.

Do you have a list of reasons you had surgery in the first place? If not, make one. Those reasons are just as important now, as they were pre op.

In my opinion,you need to give this everything you have, and your health should be a priority. Otherwise, what was the point of having major surgery?

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on 4/26/17 3:50 am - Canada

I just had my 1 year follow up with Humber, I highly recommend going. They do blood work any concerns you have or problems they are there to help. The Deititian and nurse both were very helpful. Yesterday I had my 1 year with Dr Hagen basically it was a waste of time, he ask how much I weigh now told me how much I lost in total ask how I am feeling said this is our last appointment it was very short appointment under 5 mins

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on 4/26/17 4:14 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

You should go for the blood requisition alone! We are our own worst critics, your centre may very well tell you what a success you are! Also, they are there to help. The nutritionist will go over your menu(s) and calorie intake and recommend things that may get you back on track (if you're off), or give your loss a boost if you've just stalled.

Don't be afraid to go, but ultimately it's your choice. The WLS Police aren't going to come looking for you. You may have to start dodging phone calls though!

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on 4/28/17 9:03 am - Ottawa, Canada

You need to go every year for five years. And there are very, very important reasons to go.

First, and most important, they need to track your health, including checking your vitamins/minerals. I didn't have problems at the one year appointment, but at the 2 year appointment, my iron levels had dropped as had my vitamin D. So adjustments had to be made.

Second, they can provide you with guidance if needed, especially if you are struggling. Use them to make the most of your tool.

And third, also very important, they need to track the results of the patients. You got the surgery. In order for others to get it in the future, they have to make the case to keep funding this type of surgery for other people who struggle with their weight. The only way they can do that is to measure results. So you will be contributing to ensuring that this tool is available to others down the line.

Good luck!










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