Dr Glazer gave the go ahead for revision!

Katie Gavin
on 4/9/21 4:32 pm - Hamilton, Canada

Hey guys!

ok so Dr Glazer gave the go ahead for my revision! He said to call Kline on Monday if I hadn't heard from his office for surgery date by then. Can anyone tell me roughly the wait time from the point? All other appointments are done!


on 4/16/21 3:34 am
RNY on 09/30/20

With the surge of COVID patients in all hospitals in Ontario, elective surgeries are (Again) being cancelled/postponed.. you might have to wait longer then average for your surgery.. sending you positive vibes anyhow!

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on 4/16/21 4:41 pm


Usually it is 3-4 months from this point. But they have cancelled all elective surgeries in Ontario now. The first part of my surgery was cancelled due to the first wave and I had to wait 6 months. You may have to wait a bit. Call the office and his secretary will let you know what they are doing.

Katie Gavin
on 4/17/21 7:55 am - Hamilton, Canada

Thank you!

on 6/16/21 1:36 pm - North York, Canada

Did you get your date? What are you having a revision from and to?


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