Was denied for breast reduction, need some advice

on 10/28/11 8:33 am - OR
Help, I was just denied for a breast reduction. I have been dealing with back pain for years. I have slept in a recliner for 8  years, have done physcial therapy, had injections in my back and now that I have lost weight the pain still isn't gone. So I finally decided I would try a breast reduction and my insurance said, I don't have enough history of issues. Can someone help figure out what I need to write in my appeal to the insurance company to make them see that it is more cost effective for them to help me now.  I am just so frustrated that I am in tears.

Carol S.
on 11/12/11 2:06 am - Milwaukee, WI
 Ask to see the requirements IRT your policy.  They should be in a manual somewhere.  I believe you are entitled to see this and you may even be able to access it online.  I know our manuals are all online (Tricare).

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