on 7/15/11 12:12 pm - PA
Had a bone density test done last week by my request to my PCP.  Got a call tonite after 5pm from the drs office (are they nuts, should be on their way to enjoying the weekend, this poor nurse must have pulled the short straw.)  Anyway was kind of taken by surprise by the call at that hour and the fact that I was driving I kept the conversation as short as possible.  I have diminished bone mass, and the Dr wants me to take fosamax.  Has anyone ever used this drug.  I went to webmd, and the reviews are not good.  Out of 109 reviews only about 10 were ok with this drug.  It was no surprise to me that I would have trouble with my bones as I was never a dairy person before surgery, and can not tolerate mil**** cream at all any more.  I will try to force myself to drink soy and see how it goes.  I can tolerate yogurt and cheese, neither of which I really care for,but may have to force those also.  Any one have any good suggestions for calcium rich foods, or recipes that they like.  I will try to make chili more often and maybe load it up with more beans.  I can 't imagine eating enough broccoli to help to make a difference.  Three of the questions they asked me when they were doing the scan, she told me I gave the wrong answers to.  So no more caffeine, so I guess chocolate is down to minimal, more weight bearing exercise, and find a way to increase calcium.  Would be most grateful for any input anyone can provide.
Thanks in advance, Ena

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on 7/15/11 10:32 pm - PA
Ena, there are other drug options out there, I think.  Ask your doc about them.  As for calcium-rich stuff, it's added to some products like orange juice.  Keep your eye open and look at labels when shopping.  Sorry I can't be of more help!  
on 7/15/11 11:32 pm - PA
do you take calcium supplements?  you need to be taking calcium caltrate ---- no other types of calcium work with our rerouted stomachs.  and you need to take massive amounts.  like 6-8 pills a day if its 400 mg (the 400 is usually for 2 pills).  you can't take them at the same time you take iron and if they don't have D3 in them you should take that too to help you absorb the calcium better.  the D3 have to be dry D3 --- no soft gels.

if you have trouble with the size of the pills, they will dissolve in liquid.  there is usually a little residue but that's from the coating and you don't have to drink that part.

good luck.  this is a serious side effect of WLS and with women and aging it can be magnified.

(I am not a dr or medical professional and this is not medical advice, so you should also check with your dr---especially WLS dr)

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on 7/16/11 5:10 am
You might get some good info on the RNY forum - especially where the calcium/dry D3 info is concerned. They talk about that a good bit over there! If you can do it with vitamin supplements, I would prefer that to a prescription drug if it were me.
on 7/16/11 5:39 am - PA
Thank You for all your input.  I guess I was really having a panic moment when I wrote this, but it is a big concern for me.  My daughter wants to blame it all on WLS, and yes some of it is related to that, but I am also post menopausal going on age 62 in Sept.  I am going to contact the doctor directly and discuss this, as I just don't think I want to take this medication, or any other for this purpose.  I will search around for a good grade of calcium with vitamin d.  I have it but have not been as faithful taking it as I should.  ( they are real horse size tablets, and need to take two at a time, then taking them multiple times as day as everyone knows.)  I am glad that I have somewhere to go to vent and get help.  Thanks Ladies.
PS Julia I am so glad to see you on here.  We took the kids from my granddaughters day camp on a pirate cruise that left from OC, and as we were crossing the bridge coming into town I thought of you and how I missed seeing you on here.  Figured with having found your job that there was not much time for you to be on here.  It really is good to see you, I've missed you on a daily basis.  Take care.

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