I'm almost 7 !!!!!

on 9/1/11 1:43 pm - Gettysburg, PA
So, My surgiversary is Sunday. Today is my day off, I work the weekend.

And today I realized, WOW, it's September! The beginning of September used to mean cool weather coming, back to school, and various other things. But, the last 7 years, it's meant so much more!

I have a life. maybe it's not what I imagined at the age of 35, but I have one. I am always on the go. I am always busy with work, kids, racing, stress, depression, bills, eating right, having fun or just being lazy. BUT......I have a LIFE!

I don't post on OH as much through the warmer months because my ass is outside. I *try* to avoid the computer when there are other things I can be doing.

But I am just so freaking excited that I am a few days shy of 7 years out and STILL successful! WLS have changed my life in so many amazing ways!

Trust me, it's not always easy. Hell, it's never easy. Food still consumes my brain the majority of the time.

But it IS possible to be sucessful.
It IS possible to overcome food addiction.
It IS possible to NO REGAIN after WLS.
It IS a fact that you make amazing friends on the PA OH board!

I work  FRIDAY and SATURDAY, then have a family day planned for Sunday. So I wanted to take this time to thank all of you, who have steered me in the right direction, and supported me through tough times. My success isn't only me, it's you too!

I Love the OH board! You guys ROCK!

A special thanks to:

Dennis, your heart warming words, online, in person, and on the phone....mean so much.

Beth, you are so beautiful, inspirational, kind and thoughtful

Nicole, your honesty, "openess" (is that a word?) insight, and inspiration is always so helpful.

Norm, you are the "grandpa" to me. Blunt, funny, "assholish" , honest and fun.

Liz, for supporting healthy eating, hosting, and giving up your time and home for the sake of WLS people to get together and enjoy healthy eating.

Pam, for picking me up in front of The Linc and driving me to Chickie's & Pete's when we never met before. LOL. (Oh, and for the honesty, recipies, and being AWOL because you ARE living a good and busy life.)

Mary, for the few times you do post on OH, you have etched memories on my mind about your stories, fears and hopes. When you write something. It's worth reading. I will NEVER forget the first post I read from you.

To Jill, who never posts here, but reads, I ******G LOVE YOU! Enoough said!

Luisa, My BFF for 18 years. The woman who thought my WLS was a mistake. The woman who is now living a HAPPY & HEALTHY life thanks to WLS, Love you. She reads.....does NOT post.

Steffi, who has opened her home to me more than once. And made me laugh, and got me through college algebra!

Ok, I forgot people, I'm an ass, I'm tired, I'm busy. But my point is............

I'm happy. I'm blessed.

When life hands you lemons, ask for tequila & salt and give me a call!



Liz R.
on 9/1/11 9:02 pm - Easton, PA
YAY Congrats - 7 years!!!! You have done an awesome job!
on 9/1/11 9:17 pm - Lancaster, PA
Congratutations you inspire us just as much. Thanks for the shout out
IdaMae D.
on 9/1/11 9:32 pm - Philadelphia, PA
Congratulations on 7 years!!!!!


on 9/1/11 9:42 pm - Boothwyn, PA
Congrats JoJo!!! That is freaking amazing - 7 years and still going strong - fighting the Stauffer's chocolate stars, Martins chips, Wolfgang's chocolates - OMG the list of 'fat' foods out in your area goes on and on - and yet you manage to stay successful!! Be very proud of your accomplishments!!


'One shoe can change your life'...Cinderella
Dennis Belk
on 9/4/11 2:14 am - Philadelphia, PA
Happy Surgirversary Woman!!!!
You've been rocking that journey like a CHAMP!!!!
So glad to know you and appreciate your value of all of us.
7 is looking pretty good from here!!!!

Love you JoJo,


on 9/4/11 9:13 am - Philadelphia, PA
WAHOOO!!!!!  I got a shout out!!!!  (Oh, wait - this is NOT about me?!?!)  

Jodi - You will ALWAYS be welcome in my house - You have become a major part of my life and I am so pleased that this journey has brought us together.  I know that I have been MIA a lot this summer - and I know that you of all people understand that sometimes we need to step back and look at where we are.  I thank YOU for being a pioneer in our group and for sharing the challenges and the joys of what we have embarked upon.

I hope that I continue to success as you have and am pretty sure with your support and love, I will be where you are.  

All my love!!!! :)
Lisa H.
on 9/4/11 1:05 pm - Whitehall, PA
 Sorry, I'm late.. but NO not actually late.. .. TODAY'S THE DAY!!!!!!!!!

You are such an inspiration to so many of us.  I really don't know how you do what you do every day.  Keep on posting.  We appreciate your wisdom and love you!

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sandy L.
on 9/4/11 3:52 pm - Altoona, PA
 Congrats on 7 years.  
on 9/5/11 11:22 pm - Gettysburg, PA
Thanks everyone.

Life is good!

When life hands you lemons, ask for tequila & salt and give me a call!



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