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on 9/20/11 2:45 am - Vandergrift, PA
I am post surgery at 17 months.  No complications there or with my recovery.  The problem I have doesn't occur all the time.  I develop an odd feeling where I become very sweaty all over my body.  Then I become a little incoherent.  I usually have to drink something quickly to eleviate the problem.  The symptoms usually pass within 5-10 minutes.  I have only experienced these symptoms since my surgery.  I drink my usual 90-100 ounces of liquid a day
on 9/20/11 3:17 am - Boothwyn, PA
When this happens have you noticed you've gone too long without eating? Some of us experience a drop in blood sugar levels if we go too long without food, which is why a lot of us eat 6 small meals a day. And once your body gets used to that schedule it does react badly if you haven't eaten for a while. Or it could be you've gotten something with too much sugar and it's causing a slight case of dumping.

Try to remember to write down (after the symptom passes) what you have or haven't eaten in the past hour or so.


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on 9/20/11 6:03 am
This sounds like a hypoglycemic reaction to me. This can be fairly common once we are a distance out from surgery. Try eating protein snacks every few hours and see if this helps. You may want to reed up on reactive hypoglycemia.
Lesley G.
on 9/20/11 11:55 am - Allegan, MI
I agree that it sounds like reactive hypoglycemia. I've had it, too, and I have to eat at least a little something every three hours to prevent it. It would also be a good idea to consult with your doctor about it. My endocrinologist has been very helpful with it.
on 9/23/11 7:01 am - Croydon, PA
check out info on gastroparesis.  It causes hypoglycemic reactions, which everyone is talking about and which it sounds like you may be experiencing.  It's not too uncommon in gastric bypass patients.  I discovered I had it at about 3 years out.

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