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on 10/7/11 9:40 pm - PA
RNY on 11/23/09 with
Good Morning Pa,
Today will be a trip with the grands to Wrights Farm, pumpkin patch/hay ride,etc.  The trip will be early as the littlest one starts to fade about noon time.  Then I want to make some pumpkin bread the kids have been asking for.  My grandson is in the first grade and has a "project" of making a meal, from planning it to going to the store and purchasing the ingredients, to cooking and serving it, all according to the food pyramid.  He is a special needs child which makes it a bit of a challenge.  We are going to take pictures of all the steps to reinforce it, so his writing about all the steps will be made easier by the visuals.  Other than that it will just be a day to enjoy being with family, and relaxing.
Happy Holiday to all those who are Celebrating.
Have a good day all, and get out and enjoy this beautiful weather.
Hugs, Ena

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on 10/7/11 10:27 pm
Good Morning Ena and PA!!

I will be spending this gorgeous weekend in bed. Whatever I have been fighting is now kicking me in the butt!! I was in bed by 5:30pm and stayed there until about 7:15 this morning! My plan is lots of rest and forcing LOTS of fluids!!

Not much else on the agenda. We were going to go for eye exams but I think I am going to call and cancel. Not feeling like going ANYWHERE!!!

I HATE feeling this way! I am so glad I have a long weekend to recuperate!

Hope your day is better than mine....

Love to all, Beth">">>

Patricia R.
on 10/7/11 10:46 pm - Perry, MI
 Good Morning Ena and PA,
Sounds like you have a great plan to help your grandson with his project.  Should be fun.  

I am bummed about last night's Phillies game.  That was so disappointing.

Today, I am heading to my AA meeting, then to Giant to pick up some groceries I forgot yesterday.  Then, home to make my beef vegetable soup.  This afternoon, I am heading to my therapist's office.  I have some stuff to work on with him.

Tonight, I am heading to my sister's to play Scrabble with Mom and her.  Mom is in town for the Special Olympics Dinner Bingo, and to help me with my foot surgery on Tuesday.  I will need some assistance afterward, because it is so painful to walk the first few days.  

Must run.


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IdaMae D.
on 10/7/11 11:10 pm - Philadelphia, PA
good Morning Ena & PA:

Ena I want to thank you for all the positive thoughts and prayers you have been sending to me.  Thank you so very much that is what keeps me going these days and knowing there are folks *****ally do care about me even when my "so called birth family" does not.

Beth I hope you start to feel better soon - take care of yourself.

Trish so sorry to hear the Phillies lost, will keep you in my prayers for your foot surgery.

I'm up and about.  Fell asleep early last night and am still a bit foggy this morning.

Not much planned today - homework

HOpe everyone has a great day...



Lisa H.
on 10/8/11 12:34 am - Whitehall, PA
 Morning all... I'm up and about to get ready to go to services for Yom Kippur.

 Last night I went out in the living room and found the kitties guarding something... they found a mouse.  It looked like a field mouse.  It was dead and I assume they didn't bring it to me because I close my bedroom door at night so Jasper doesn't climb all over the computer.    When I got up this morning, Siehara said that she found them circling a dead mouse.. great TWO.  Now, the issue is how I tell the complex that there are mice without letting them know I have cats.. or do I bother telling them since I have the cats and they are obviously handling it.  UGH

Anyway, we will be gone all day.. services and then heading up to my friend's house to break the fast and hang with her for the night.  I have to work all day tomorrow so it will be an early night. 

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