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on 11/6/11 6:40 pm - PA
Pa Peeps,
I am in need of a tax lawyer.  I have contacted my lawyer and the only one she knew of has left the state to practice else where.  I don't want to pick someone out of the phone book or on line.  This drama has been ongoing for over a year now, and it has come to a point where I am starting to stare at the cabinets and wanting to eat the entire contents. (which I have held myself back from so far)  The long and short of it is my husband had to keep his business open even though he was losing money because of his mothers will. ( I am sure she thought she was doing a good thing when she wrote that part in the will).  They now want us to sign papers to extend the time they can do for the audit. (It would seem to me that this would be like shooting yourself in the foot)  So I am now looking for a lawyer to look out for my interests as we filed jointly, even though I had nothing to do with the running or even owning of said business, I guess I am guilty by association.  If you have used, or know of anyone who has used a good tax lawyer I would be very grateful for a name and phone number.  Thanks for reading this.

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on 11/7/11 1:46 am - philadelphia, PA
DS on 04/26/12
I don't know of a lawyer but I sure hope it works out. That sounds so stressful. I'll say a prayer for you.
R K.
on 11/8/11 7:36 am
If you call the local Bar Association they will refer you to a specialist in that field and usually give you a discount on the first consultation. You need somebody that handles taxes and estates it sounds like.

How can anybody or any will stipulate you must maintain a money losing business?
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