2 yrs ago today

on 11/23/11 4:10 am - PA
Today is my two year celebration of my new life.  It being Thanksgiving and all I went to thank all of you who blazed the trail ahead of me, and those of you who have journeyed along at almost the same time as me.  You have all helped me to make it to where I am today and I would like send you all a big Thank You for that.  I have learned a lot about myself and this new life.  I am sometimes still stunned at how little I eat now, and am constantly fending off people who tell me I need to eat more.  I am so grateful for my new healthy life, and the fact that I will be here longer to enjoy the little people in my life, and watch them grow.
Thanks again to all of you for sharing in my success.
Hugs, Ena

"Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."




IdaMae D.
on 11/23/11 6:47 am - Philadelphia, PA
Congratulations on your 2 years!!!! 



on 11/23/11 10:55 am
Happy Surgiversary!!!

Hugs to you!


Maura M.
on 11/23/11 12:55 pm - Yardley, PA
Congratulations Ena!!!  Am so glad that you are in a good place at your 2 year!!

Continue to succeed!



on 11/23/11 11:32 pm - Philadelphia, PA
Mazel Tov Ena!  Keep on working that tool!!! :)
on 11/24/11 1:15 am - PA
Happy Surgiversary Ena.  Keep rocking that tool.

Lisa H.
on 11/24/11 2:06 am - Whitehall, PA
 Happy Surgiversary Ena

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