Speaking at Ephrata Bariatrics Tonight

on 4/19/12 6:51 am - Lancaster, PA
Speaking at Ephrata Bariatrics tonight on Cross Addiction. It has been a long time since I spoke in front of a group, worried about doing a good job. I am less confident than I used to be. I could use some good energy
on 4/19/12 7:21 am
 Here comes positive energy......

on 4/19/12 7:23 am - PA

     Best of luck tonight.  I am sure that you will do a great job.  From your sharing on the board these past 3 years I see you as a woman who is not afraid to deal with her issues.  I have so doubt that you have much to share with the people who will be there this evening.  Best of luck - my prayers are with you.  Take care.

Laureen S.
on 4/19/12 11:15 am - Maple Shade, NJ

I am sure you did well, you work hard at looking within for that which needs to change and you are willing to make changes when and where necessary, that takes great courage and stick to itiveness. . . I'm hoping to hear more about the experience. . .

My Mantra is that I do not determine my success by the number hanging in my closet, nor will I let the scale determine that success either. . .  It is through trial and error I will continue to grow and succeed. . .  Laureen

"Success is a journey, not a destination."  Ben Sweetland

on 4/23/12 12:00 am - Lancaster, PA
Update. I think it went well, I am glad that I did not talk to the coordinator until after the talk because I found out from her how closed minded these people really are. Not only would the concept of addiction be difficult for them they do not even believe in therapy.  I think that it went well and as much as I hate power point I do think that it was necessary to show them the pictures that I did. She said that usually they are more chatty during the  talks and that they were silent so she believes that I hooked them and had their full attention. I hope that they considered what I talked about and I want to thank Jill for allowing me to share her story I think that it went a long way to helping them understanding how vulnerable we all are.  All in all I think it went well and reinforced how much I really do love giving talks, and speaking to people.
on 4/23/12 12:32 am - Croydon, PA
Glad to hear you got their attention!!!  Happy to have helped in some way.

Blessings, Jill

WLS 5/31/07.  Maintaining a weight loss of 141 pounds and feeling amazing!

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