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Lisa H.
on 6/19/12 2:11 am - Whitehall, PA
Yup... I've been around.. super busy between working and getting Siehara ready for camp..  bags are all packed.. 2 more sleeps!  She's been really good the past few weeks!! Got a clean bill of health from the ENT at her follow up from her T&A and was given the ok to have ice cream.  We stopped for a shake at Sheetz on the way home yesterday.  I then told her that was it.. she ate nothing but sugar for 2 weeks and that's enough now.  The dr even mentioned something to her about her diet.  Hopefully, she'll take him seriously.  

This morning I took the car for an oil change and they did a few other things so I know we'll be safe for the drive to camp and then Friday is Neil's official graduation from college! He finished classes in February, but walks Friday! I'm so proud of him! Now he just needs a job.. 

Working the rest of today==- 1/2 day.. then Siehara has therapy and med check tonight.. wanted to get that last stuff in before camp!   

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on 6/19/12 4:52 am

Soooo glad to hear that things are going well! Been thinking about you...

Please send my congrats to Neil on his graduation!!! 


on 6/19/12 12:03 pm
Yay for a quiet summer!!! And Yay Yay Yay for Neil's graduation!!!  xoxo
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