Hump Day reality check

Lisa H.
on 8/22/12 5:38 am - Whitehall, PA
 Morning all and Happy Hump day..

Had a FABULOUS day yesterday.  It was a great day for mother/daughter bonding and friend bonding on all levels.  Siehara is friends with the 15 year old daughter, Julie, and mom (Gena) and I met because of them and have become close friends.   Everyone was relaxed most of the day and just enjoyed to beautiful day.

 At one point, Siehara got knocked down by a wave trying to go into the water and she didn't want to go back in.  Later on, I was in and she came down near the edge and we tried to get her to come further in past the crests so she could see that it was really fun once you got past there.  She didn't want to come, but as time went on we could see on her face that she really wanted to do it, but was afraid.  So, I stayed out on the water and Julie and Gena went to try to encourage her.  I was cheering her on from the water showing her how relaxing it can be.  They got her a little further in, including some laughing as they got knocked down.  But now all the way yet.. Julie went back to her a bit later and encouraged her to come all the way out.  We held on to her, cheered her on and I let her know how proud I was of her for overcoming that fear and coming out with us!!!  That was a HUGE accomplishment for her to overcome that.  I was also proud of Julie for sticking with it and not getting mad at her or making fun of her for that fear!   All 4 of us got jagua "tats" as a special treat that will last for a few weeks to remind us of our great day. We brought sandwich stuff and fruit and veggies from home, but the girls and Gena got ice cream/icees.. I couldn't find anything sugar free, so I just tasted Siehara's ice cream and pouted for lack of sugar free treats.. lol... 

We got home around 6 and Gena's husband had dinner on the table... even better! Lol

Fell asleep on my bed with the light on and my robe still on, must have been around 9.. woke up to go to the bathroom around 9:30, I guess... found Siehara crashed in her room, too (even though she wasn't  Got changed into my jammies and went back to sleep for the night. 

Now, I'm up and back to reality.. working Aetna til whenever.. back to Tae Kwon Do tonight.  We really enjoyed it last week and I'm looking forward to getting back in there tonight with Siehara. Neil should finally be coming here today and will spend a few days with us.  

What's everyone else doing?

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on 8/22/12 6:07 am
Good Morning Lisa and PA!

SO glad to hear that you had a nice day yesterday!! I know it has been a rough year for you and Siehara, so I am so happy to hear that you made some good memories with her!!

Last night we went out to Golden Corral and met our friends for .99 cent kids night! OMG! It was SO crowded, the people and kids were so rude!! I had some baked chicken, baked potato and some green beans which was pretty good! I like it there because they do offer some SF dessert options. It was fun although it was way too many people for me!!

Today, I am continuing on the quest to get caught up on laundry, cleaning and such! I may take a nap, but I really need to get out of that habit and quick! School starts soon and there will be NO opportunity to take afternoon naps then!?!?

Tell Neil we said HI!!

Love, Beth">">>

Patricia R.
on 8/22/12 1:48 pm - Perry, MI
Hi Lisa and PA,
Sorry I couldn't post earlier.  My Internet was down this morning, and I was volunteering at the agency all afternoon.  I could have posted from their computer, but it's so hard to find the forums without my bookmarks.  Plus, there is the chance of being interrupted at the drop of a hat.

I'm so glad that you and Siehera had such a great day at the beach yesterday.  I haven't been there all season.  I plan on taking a daytrip the weekend after Labor Day.  

I'm planning on spending this evening resting and watching the Phillies game.


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