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Lisa H.
on 8/27/12 3:37 am - Whitehall, PA
 Happy Monday all... I know many schools are starting today.. not here.  We don't start til next Tuesday AFTER Labor Day.  So one more week at home for my girl.  

Yesterday she went over some TKD choreography with me that I was not remembering.  The teacher told her she needed to help me because she was getting it and I wasn't.  It made us both feel good that SHE had to show ME something!  She gave me good tips on how to remember, too.  We will go over it again today b/c I know I'm going to forget again.  The couple of years she took dance, along with her YOUNGER brain has been great for helping her to remember this stuff.  TKD is so much more than just physical ability and this is one of the ways it has been proven.

We went to my friend's jewelry party yesterday and had a nice time.  She reconnected a bit with my friend's daughter and showed all the girls there how to make duct tape bracelets.  That was an easy way for her to mingle without having to find things that she had in common with them.  They all loved her bracelets and HAD to know how to make them.  

So, today.. work both jobs.. make room for some TKD practice in between jobs... dinner will leftovers from last night's dinner for tonight's dinner.. home to bed.  Exciting, right?  

Have a great day everyone.. and if you or your kids are starting school, have fun!  

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on 8/27/12 4:43 am
Good Morning Lisa and PA!!

Dee and I also start school the Tuesday after Labor Day! This is gonna be a busy week for us!! Lots of things to get done before the daily grind starts....

Today I am going to the township building because we were sent a violation because we put our trash out to early and the cans were supposedly in the street. I had Steven take pictures so I can show them where the can has been for the last 13 years!!!! If the trash men don't put the cans back where they belong how is that our fault?!?!?  Later today I have to take Dee for her first blood tests, the doctor had some concerns, so that will be another project for today...

Tomorrow is gonna be another busy one!! I am going to try to get on here, but it all depends on how early I can get up!!

Have a GREAT day!!

Love, Beth">">>

on 8/27/12 9:48 am - PA
Good Afternoon Lisa, Beth and PA peeps,

     Will be going to get a massage in an hour.  It's been a while since I have seen my regular massage therapist so I am looking forward to this.  After that I am heading up to TGIF on Street Road to meet a collefe friend of mine.  We have been friends for over 35 years.  She lives near Belmar so we figured that this would be a halfway point for the both of us.  Can't wait to see her and just chat for a few hours.  Nothing more going on today.  Tomorrow is the job interview for the temp position at the Montgomery County Board of Elections.  Say a prayer that I can get this job.  Just 3 weeks left on the unemployment so I am starting to get very anxious. 

     Have a good day everyone.

Patricia R.
on 8/27/12 10:34 am - Perry, MI
Good Afternoon Lisa and PA Peeps,
I am so tired lately, I went and got my bloodwork done for my hematologist.  I'm certain my iron is low, and that I need an iron infusion.  I have to call everyday to see if they got the results, because it took forever to learn my iron was low once, and then for the doctor to review the test results.  I know it can't be my B12, because I just got that shot last week.

I am at my volunteer position right now.  It's very quiet.  I have some paperwork to do, and then I can check my e-mail.  I like it when it's busy. 

Tonight, I will chill out at my apartment, and tidy if I have the energy.

Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here too.
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