wet Tuesday roll call

Lisa H.
on 9/18/12 6:09 am - Whitehall, PA
I'm still around people.. just trying to focus on life outside the boards..

So, I'm off work for the 2nd day in a row so we can head to synagogue for the 2nd day of Rosh Hashanah.  L'shanah Tova to my fellow Jews here.  It was kind of weird being there yesterday after not being there since mid July.  I felt like one of those people who only goes on the high holidays and I'm not sure how I felt about that.   I have stayed away because I haven't felt "the love" of the congregation.  Of course, once people saw me there, they asked where I've been and how are things and all the things you do once you remember someone's been missing.   One of the women came up to me after the service and asked how I've been and for some reason it really struck me when she said she missed me.. I started crying and I told her what I've been feeling.  She put her arm around me and told me that she hopes I find what I need and that I can come back.  We'll see what happens.  I was even sitting alone at services... sigh... 

Anyway, off to services, then home to relax.  

Siehara has an appointment tonight for therapy and we are also going to stop by to see another congregant who has been pretty ill.  We were supposed to pick her up for services, but she's not feeling well enough to go.  Other than that, we are going to just relax on this dreary day.  

I have beef stew in the crock pot so we can have a decent dinner later tonight.  

I need to get back on track with my eating and exercise... want to go to Tae Kwon Do tonight, but our uniforms are being altered and they are not done tonight.  Was thinking I would hit the aqua fit class, but we won't be back from Siehara's appointment in time.. treadmill?  hip hop?? MUST DO SOMETHING>>>>

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Patricia R.
on 9/18/12 12:48 pm - Perry, MI
 Hey Lisa and PA,
I'm hanging in there.  Busier than I had ever hoped to be.  I do a lot of volunteer work, and always have multiple appointments and physical therapy now.  I was rear ended in a minor fender bender a few weeks ago, and it was just enough to make my already bad back worse.

Lisa, I understand about sometimes feeling disconnected from our spiritual support system.  I am usually a regular church attender, but with a problem with my right foot, and the back injury, I have missed church more than I would like.  Then, to add to my feelings, I was all signed up to go to Bible study last night, the first for this season, and I was so exhausted yesterday, I forgot.  Duh!

Today, I went to my AA meeting.  Then, I came to volunteer at the agency.  Tonight, I'll do my PT exercises and hopefully watch the Phillies win again.

I hope everyone is having a great week.


Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here too.
Albert Schweitzer

on 9/18/12 1:13 pm
Good Afternoon Lisa and PA!

I am still around too!! Just been away from the computer....

Lisa, I can totally relate about synogogue!! We have really tried to be able to swing membership and hebrew school but it just hasn't happened. I made the difficult decision to not become members this year which means that Dee can't go to hebrew school. I will find other avenues to teach her hebrew and our traditions. I got SEVERAL phone calls from one of the people from the shul, I felt like he was a loan shark!! He kept on asking me what I could send in. I told him that I just got back to work and I couldn't promise anything. Then he KEPT on probing me!!! That was it for me!! I kind of felt that he didn't believe me?!?! HELLO?!?!? If I could I would!!! Anyway, enough of that!

Today I went to see my folks to wish them a Happy New Year and spend some time with them. My Dad was in pretty good spirits. Mom was kind of out of it, more than she has been. She was talking in a whisper so I could not understand one word she was saying. Now, just getting ready for reality tomorrow, after a four day weekend that will be HARSH!!!

Lisa, call me sometime. Haven't spoken to you in a bit!! Thinking about you!!!

jackie M.
on 9/18/12 5:07 pm - Sunbury, PA
RNY on 10/10/12
 I'm here, in 3 wks from tomorrow, I will be starting my new life.  Next Tues, I start my liquid diet.  I already told the grandkids that "I" get the reds and green jello and they get the grape and orange.  The one doesn't like that idea...  but.... that is grammy's diet, that is what grammy says...  lol

It was one rainy day today....  You can tell the Bloomsburg Fair is coming this weekend....  lol  

I am watching "The Lorax" with the grandkids... funny movie...
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