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Brian Thomas
on 1/17/15 7:35 am - Yardley, PA

I'll try to give the best explanation I can to cover the full length of what's going on.

6 days ago, about 2 hours after dinner I suddenly got the chills, started heaving as if going to vomit, and became extremely fatigued.  I spent the night getting up at least once an hour due to diarrhea.  It also felt like I wa*****hed on the last two ribs on my left side with aches in my left shoulder, elbow, hips, and knee.  I went to my primary physician the next day who suspected some sort of intestinal virus and basically told me to wait it out.  He also told me to take some Mylanta to coat my stomach and seemed to look at me quizzically when I tried to explain that I've had RNY and that wouldn't work (I'm working on finding a new primary since mine has retired and this doctor has taken over his practice).  I've spent the days since then on mostly clear and full liquids since it seems that whenever I eat anything solid I'm fine for about an hour or so and then I start to get some abdominal discomfort, a bit of sweating, some burping, and depending on how much I ate or how solid it was, nausea.  I plan on calling an office that deals exclusively with bariatric patients, actually the facility where I had surgery back in 2007.  Since it's the weekend I just wanted to get some idea of what might be going on.

I have a couple of questions:

1. Any idea what kind of problem I'm dealing with here?

2. Should I not wait to get an appointment and just go to the hospital?

3. I can keep eating yogurt and drinking fluids to get by but should I keep trying to introduce solid foods or will that likely do more harm than good?

4. Any other general advice that might help?

Thanks for any help.  It's been a long time since I've been on OH but I was confident it's a good community for advice.


on 1/21/15 12:17 am - Croydon, PA

I am so sorry I didn't see this sooner!!!  If you haven't called your surgeon yet, do it now.  How far out from surgery are you? 

Blessings, Jill

WLS 5/31/07.  Maintaining a weight loss of 141 pounds and feeling amazing!

on 1/21/15 12:18 am - Croydon, PA

sorry, just saw your surgery date.  Check out information on intusseption, a complication that is being seen more frequently in bariatric patients 6 years out and more.


Blessings, Jill

WLS 5/31/07.  Maintaining a weight loss of 141 pounds and feeling amazing!

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