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on 2/23/21 6:42 pm
Topic: Location for surgery in the Philly/Nj area

Good Evening ! Is there a place to get the surgery where you are just on the cusp of the metrics ? I would prefer a location in the US. Please assist - I need this for my mental sanity.

on 1/21/21 10:22 am
Topic: RE: Mathew Kirkland

Hi I have no idea if you're checking back into OH, but I also had RNY with Kirkland in the early 2000s and was curious about your experience long term.

Sharon H.
on 2/26/19 5:24 pm
Topic: RE: After battling PEBTF

That took a lot of moxie to write and I applaud you! Lots of folks get MA now that PA is a Medicaid expansion state. Nothing to be ashamed of - we all need help sometimes. I work for welfare and I tell people that everyday and I believe it. Keep up the great work. It sounds like you're really back on track.


on 1/3/19 11:59 am
Topic: RE: I Got Kicked Out of Planet Fitness Today!!

I got kicked out this morning for talking on my cellphone with wireless headset using a treadmill. And I made the mistake of show the person I was talking on my phone the other people next to me when the manager Montrose Ohio facility came up to me to inform me my infraction. It gave me two infractions and grounds to cancel my membership. I was kicked out by via email. I apologized however it made no difference. I hope they cancelled the monthly dues.

on 9/25/18 11:52 am
VSG on 09/20/18
Topic: RE: 12 Years!

Congratulations! Awesome!

Age 56. HW: 233 SW: 214 VSG 9/20/18, Hosp. of the Univ. of Pennsylvania, Dr. Noel Williams

on 5/20/18 4:23 am
Topic: Dr. Griffins

Hi PAers,

I'm wondering if anyone had Dr. Griffins in central PA or Danville, PA. If so would you please give me some insight on his performance and answer a few questions I have?

on 5/16/18 10:55 pm - PA
Topic: 12 Years!

Hi All,

Just checking in to let you know it's been twelve years since I had my surgery. I lost 120 lbs. and have kept it off. I try and new and interesting things, I travel - a LOT, and it's been good. I wanted to be sure to check in at least once a year because this site was so critically important to me when I had my surgery and if I can provide any encouragement to you as you navigate your way through this process, I am happy to do so. Good luck, rely on each other, and believe in yourself. You are on a remarkable journey - enjoy it!



on 4/10/18 6:49 pm - Philadelphia, PA
VSG on 04/20/18

I have them. I would recommend you calling Keystone First to see if they cover revisions. I'm about to get VSG and my pre-op program took 3 months.

on 4/3/18 2:31 pm

Hello, I know this post fron you was from almost a year ago, but If you are still on here i was wondering if you could tell me how long it took to get approval from keystone first and was it difficult? I dont have any big comorbidities and am afraid they wont approve me. I also had gastric bypass in 2003 so this would be a revision. Any help would be great.

Thank you

on 3/28/18 5:47 am - N Huntingdon, PA
Topic: RE: Pitttsburgh

is Dr Courcoulous still at magee?

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