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Julie Nolan
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October 2011 Roger Williams Medical Center Support Group Reminder!

I apologize for the delay in getting this out. The 2nd Annual RI Walk from Obesity event was this past Saturday, October 8th and it was a SUCCESS! Thank you to all who volunteered, attended, raised funds and donated to our cause. If you still wish to donate, please visit onorDrive.eventDetails&eventID=545

We can collect donations until December 31, 2011!If you have any ideas on how we can make our September 29, 2012 event more appealing, fun and successful, please join us for a Volunteers After Event Review at my home on Sunday, October 23rd, 2-4 pm. Otherwise, contact me with your ideas!I am honored to be part of such a wonderful community of friends! Thanks again!

100% Spanish Speaking Group - ALREADY met last Thursday, October 5th. ...(sorry for the delay)...(meets every 1st Thursday), 7-9PM, Trustees Lounge. This group is facilitated by Carmen Diaz-Jusino. You MUST be able to speak spanish FLUENTLY as there are NO translators available or allowed!

Day -to-Day Group - Tomorrow, Thursday, October 13th 1-3pm (and every 2nd Thursday monthly) Trustees Lounge.This is a great group if you are beginning your WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) journey, are post-op and need an extra nudge to keep your journey productive!

Tomorrow, Thursday, October 13th - 2 Year+ Post-Op support group: NOTE: ROOM CHANGE THIS MONTH ONLY TO PAOLINO CONFERENCE ROOM!(and every 2nd Thursday monthly 7-9PM Greene Lounge! If you had your surgery in October 2009 or earlier, you qualify to attend this group! No others allowed (including kids and spouses)!This group is a No Judgement Zone! It's a great place for us to share our (literal) Ups and Downs while Living Life when we are further our from surgery! We've had a great response each month and have been able to discuss issues such as...MaintenanceFrustrations about not getting to our goal(s) or meeting our goals then gaining some weight back!The hunger returned a Loooong time ago and maybe we're having a tough time getting back-on-track!Pregnancy and weight gain that doesn't go away after deliveryYou name it, we discuss it! A safe place to talk about addictions, troubles along our journey, etc that we're too afraid to talk about at other meetings because we don't want to 'scare' anyone.None of us who attend are licensed physicians or psychiatrists but we ARE people who have been there, done that and in most cases, still going through that.If you need some comeradary or just need to know someone else is/has been in you shoes or if you would like to share your experiences and strength with others, please join us!We Are The A-TEAM! (Accountability Team) We can help each other!

Tuesday, October 18th (every 3rd Tuesday of each month) Band-Aid Group, Kay Auditorium, 7-9PM This group is for people who are considering having a LapBand or Realize Band placed or have already had the procedure done.

Wednesday, October 19th (every 3rd Wednesday of each month) Living Life Post-Op Group, Greene Lounge, 7-9PM This group is for all WLS people who have had their Gastric Bypass, Band or Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy done. If you HAVE and date for your surgery already, you can come to this group. This group is NOT recommended for people who are new to their journeys and looking for information or to fulfill their pre-surgery support group requirements.


Please bring your clean, gently used clothes, shoes and accessories and some empty boxes and bags! We, literally, FILL the cafeteria tables with items that are sorted by sizes! This is a GREAT opportunity to get rid of those clothes you will never fit into again and to get great, quality clothes for the days and months ahead while you are downsizing your wardrobe! Men's and Women's clothes sizes range from 2-6x!All clothing you do not wish to bring back home with you will be donated to the Rhode Island Big Brothers & Big Sisters in the name of Living Life Groups @ Roger Williams Medical Center!Please come early...I will arrive at 5:30pm to get the cafeteria set up. Volunteers welcome. Regular meeting time will still be 7-9pm with a break at 8pm to 'shop' for your new wardrobe!

Wednesday, October 26th (every 4th Wednesday each month) The Loss Boys, MEN'S Group, Paolino Conference Room, 7-9PM This is a great meeting facilitated by Jonathan Breindal where men ONLY can get together to discuss issues and special situations associated with men during your weight loss surgery journey. Men can fulfill your pre-surgery support group requirements by attending this meeting.

Thursday, October 27th (every 4th Thursday each month) Weight to Lose, Kay Auditorium, 6-7:30PM This group is facilitated by Eleanor Collins, RN, MS, CS, PPNS. This group is a great place to be if you are seeking WLS of any kind, need to fulfill your pre-surgery support group requirements and for post-op people who wish to share your experieces with others!

NOTE: Because of the up-coming holiday season, this group will meet Thursday, November 17th in the GREENE LOUNGE instead of Thursday, November 24th (Thanksgiving)(December's meeting will remain in the Kay Auditorium, 6-7:30PM on Thursday, December 22nd)


Wednesday, November 16th, Living Life Group Post-Op meeting is celebrating our 3rd Anniversary! Please join us for a group picture in front of the cafeteria fireplace and for a night to catch up and reflect our journeys!

We are planning our Walk from Obesity event for 2012! We will be doing something a bit different and will be having functions and events throughout the year. Including parades and a bicycle scavenger hunt to raise funds and Rhode Island's awareness of the disease of obesity! Please see our official RI Walk from Obesity Facebook page and 'like' us so you will continue getting updates throughout the year!See you soon!


Julie Nolan

Certified Bariatric Support Group Leader

Roger Williams Medical Center

[email protected]

(401) 481-4339


For Info about Rhode Island Support Groups, please email me!  [email protected]

(deactivated member)
on 10/12/11 11:20 pm - RI
Jules.... are these all at RWH?

If not, can you tell me which ones are? and I wor****il 5 which ones would I be able to attend that take place at RWH after 5pm.... I know the one on the 4th Thursdays with Ellie... anything else?
on 10/13/11 12:07 am - RI
I have a question regarding the clothing exchange. I have many items that are new with tags in size 18, along with several winter coats (also size 18). I know everyone is at a different size, but most who attend meetings are less than a ladies size 18. I don't want to hual it down there only to have no one be able to use it. Please let me know if there is any interest.
on 11/8/11 10:07 pm - MA
Hi Julie..when is the next clothing exchange drive??  I have some 18/20, but now i really need some 14 or 12 for work.
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