Can't get in my protein

on 10/18/11 3:38 am - GA
I am 8 days out and cannot get in my daily protein.  Today, I have felt full all day and can't even force myself to drink it.  Has this happened to anyone else? This has been my biggest struggle post op and today is the worst.
Citizen Kim
on 10/18/11 3:57 am - Castle Rock, CO
Keeping hydrated is far far more important than protein intake at your stage.   Make sure that you keep sipping your water or crystal light etc

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Dan OBrien
on 10/18/11 4:10 am - FL
It will come with time.  Don't worry about amounts right now.  Keep drinking, and get in what shakes you can.  They count for fluids too.  Sips.  Space them out as far as you need to, just don't get dehydrated.  You don't have too far to go and you hopefully will feel better enough to get some real food in.  My problem is I have no problems with food!  Head hunger sucks!
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on 10/18/11 4:21 am - VA
RNY on 09/14/11 with
I haven't tried nectar protein so can't vouch for taste, but it's supposed to have a thin consistancy.  So it may be easier to get down.   It counts as a fluid so try drinking that first in the am.  Two birds /one stone.  Then try again later.  I assume you are still on fluids only at your stage.

If you can't even manage fluids properly you should call the doctor's office.

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on 10/18/11 4:27 am
I strugle with my protien... I just got "New Whey" It has 42 grams in 3.8 oz.  I got it at CVS.  It does not taste the best but I can get it down.  The shakes make me gag and you have to drink 8 oz to get the 20 or so grams they have in them. 
Barbara C.
on 10/18/11 4:28 am - Raleigh, NC


I would contact your Dr's office for confirmation and so that they can assuage your concerns, but as others have said, hydration is the PRIMARY concern post op. More people end up in the hospital post op because of dehydration than any other reason, so that means that you really want to work on getting and staying hydrated. Remember that your protein will count towards that hydration.

Generally, most programs assume that you are going to 'build' up to their recommended daily protein intake. It's common for people to get in about 30 grams during the first month, up to 60 grams the 2nd month and max out to your programs recommendations by the third month.

My program uses the following mechanism to help patients get in the recommended protein and hydration. Maybe it will help you.  Get the little 2 ounce medicine cups that you use to take 'cough syrup. You can get them from your local pharmacy. Put 2 ounces of liquid protein in 1 and 2 ounces of 'hydration' fluid... i.e., water, crystal lite, etc... in each of the remaining cups. Take the cup with protein at the top of the hour and then one of the hydration cups 15, 30 and 45 mins after the hour. You do this every waking hour. This allows you to get in a great deal of protein and fluid without over flowing because in essence you are are working on it a little bit at a time every hour, all day; however, you aren't trying to get a great deal in at any one time. I and many others found this to be very, very effective. 

Please know that this too will pass as the swelling goes down.

Wishing you all the best, 

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on 10/18/11 7:52 am - AK
try MYOPLEX, comes in a purpleish/blue container. Its a shake with 42 grams of protein. Thats whats keeping me alive... in choc and vanilla.
on 10/18/11 10:24 am - WI
Hi, we had surgery the same day and I feel the same way you do. I too am mostly working on just getting the water in and getting used to my pouch. I also feel full for a long time after eating anything, and trust me its not much that I do eat. My NUT said she wasn't too worried about the amount of protein the first couple of months. The thing I worry about is how I am supposed to get it all in in just 3 meals, no snacking. Seems very difficult to me. Good luck.
Andy Lafferty
on 10/18/11 1:03 pm - Baltimore, MD
 Try adding a protein bullet to your drink that you sip on all day. Some have 52oz of protein. They come in little test tubes and are in various flavors.
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