But you have a pretty face???

on 10/18/11 3:07 am - AZ

Today I am two weeks out WHOO HOO. Time sure does fly!! I am super excited for all the changes so far. I feel like everything is happening sort of fast for me so I am just waiting to be pinched and it stops. I have never lost this much weight so fast. I'll take it though!!

Although I am so excited and can see the changes a little bit. I can't wait till I can see it more. I have been getting a lot of people saying "Oh my god, you can see it so much in your face". While I am grateful for their comments, really I am thinking to myself "Oh that's weird, did my face weigh 30 pounds? What about my arse and my belly?? Can you see it there yet?" Maybe its because I lost a chin. I guess losing one of your multiple chins calls for one to notice! Who knows?

I also have been getting "You have such a pretty face now and a great personality, when you lose all the weight you will be a knock out". Again, thank you but really?  I know its not their fault that I am this way and their compliments come from a good place but its still a little annoying. No fat girl wants to hear those words, but you have a pretty face. I have heard that my whole life. Its like having a consulation prize to compensate for the front butt you have hanging in front of you. I'll take the compliments where I can get them though.

I am curious though, what is a compliment you get that still gets under your skin though just a little bit? Or am I the only crazy one HAHA

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on 10/18/11 3:14 am - MN
I hate those pretty face compliments. Makes me really self conscious bout myself. Also the ones where you don't need to lose weight, why are you doing it?
on 10/18/11 3:16 am - springfield, IL
RNY on 08/10/12
They say you lose weight in the reverse order  then how you put it on. I gained weight in my face last, and it was the first place it came off. I know people think they are giving us compliments with the "pretty face" thing but it is like a back handed compliment. People always told me I wasn't "That Fat" and that I shouldn't have weight loss surgery. Well how am I suppose to take that?

People are just trying to be nice, but it does get old hearing the same old lines. Good luck...and you have a pretty face no matter what your weight is!!

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on 10/18/11 6:32 am - VA
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That sucks because my face is the first place the weight went on.  Even when I was about 115lbs  ( a loong time ago)  I had chubby cheeks and people would tease me for being fat  even though at the time I wasn't.  I look twice as big as I really am because of it. 

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on 10/18/11 3:18 am - North Brookfield, MA
Ugh...the dreaded 'but such a pretty face comment'.... I made peace with it because most people actually mean well.  When they tell me, when you are done losing weight you will be a knock out... I usually just say thanks but nope I will still be the same Lisa, just smaller than I am now. That usually makes them really pause and realize what they are saying.   You are beautiful btw!
Pamela F.
on 10/18/11 3:23 am - OR
I lost in my face first too. Hands and feet... I'm like ugh hello I want my belly gone! Then my boobs deflated like balloons. So basically everywhere I wanted to lose I still have and the places I didn't really care about are gone. /facepalm. But it will come off eventually, so keep your spirits up. Tell em thanks I am beautiful the way I am. And try not to care what others think. It's about YOU and you are aweeeesoooome.
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on 10/18/11 3:24 am - New Carrollton, MD
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any variation of the "your cute for a fat/black/dark-skinned girl" comments grates my nerves.  Those back handed compliments are NOT compliments in the slightest and I respond to them as such...with sarcasm and distain.
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on 10/18/11 3:44 am
Welllllll, you are pretty smoking!!! LOL

Anything, that comes out of my FIL's mouth drives me instantly batty. Really, he is the only one.
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on 10/18/11 4:01 am - Canton, GA
I definitely think the people who give the "pretty face" compliments really do mean well. They are trying to give you a compliment but subconsciously they are factoring your weight into it, which prevents them from simply saying "you are pretty". Sad, but true.

Just like how us fat people without pretty faces get the "she has such a great personality" compliments. LOL.
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on 10/18/11 4:43 am - San Diego, CA
No, you're not the only crazy one! (we're all a little crazy! LOL).

I'm right there with you in regards to the pretty face comments. I'd get it a lot prior to surgery. "Oh, you have such a pretty face, if only you'd lost a few pounds", and by "few" they meant "a lot". I'd even have guys say, "it's a shame you're so big, because you're pretty".....really? WTF? Does that make me undateable?

And yes, even now, post surgery by 2months, people notice it mostly in my face, under my chin and my cheeks. They make the comments of "wow, your face really stands out now".....uhm, ok, I hope that is in a good way! I know they mean well, but you are right, it's hard to not take it a little harshly given how sensitive we are from comments in our past.

I'm only now learning to accept compliments, and even still, it's hard for me to do. I use to just think people were saying it to just be nice, but I dunno, maybe they are now saying it because they actually mean it!

Hang in there luv, take the compliments in good stride, don't let them rub you the wrong way.

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