Weight gain and standstill

Andy Lafferty
on 8/20/12 5:42 pm - Baltimore, MD
 I have been rockin steady at 265Lbs. Which is a long cry from my 569Lbs in 09.
In the last month or so I have put on 14 Lbs. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong ,but I have been hitting the gym 4 times a week 2 hrs each time. I was thinking muscle mass ,but 14 lbs seems a little much. Any ideas?
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Citizen Kim
on 8/20/12 5:49 pm, edited 8/19/12 10:50 pm - Castle Rock, CO
You have likely lost a lot of your malabsorption, which happens to most of us at about the 2-4 year mark. All of a sudden, without changing anything, we start regaining - sometimes really fast!!!

You are probably going to have to adjust your lifestyle - and it may mean less food or at the least, cutting your carb intake.

Welcome to REAL maintenance!!! This is the hard part of the journey compared to losing the weight ...

Congrats on that weight loss BTW - an awesome job!

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Price S.
on 8/20/12 5:49 pm - Mills River, NC
Wow, Andy, you have done great.  I imagine that extra weight is jus****er.  If you just keep on keeping on, you will get there.  As we lose, it does take less calories to support us staying even, not gaining or losing.  Muscle also weighs more than fat but they tell me it takes a long time to build muscle that is going to make much difference in weight. 

I did better with my protein over 100 and carbs less than 30 net while I was losing.  But you have lost 3x more than I did so you are doing something really right. 

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on 8/20/12 6:13 pm
Congrats on the weight loss. You are at the point where malabsorption isn't as significant as it was initially. Are you logging tour intake? Make sure those sneaky carbs aren't getting you.

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