16 months post op and had to have emergency surgery

on 11/21/13 11:55 pm - OH
Well, like it says I am 16 months post rny and had to have emergency surgery last Thursday at midnight. I had a saline infused sonogram earlierthat morning looking for uterine fibroids and they told me to expect mild cramping and some bleeding. About an hour later I started cramping. Those cramps got worse as the day went on. I called my gyn and was told take a vicodin and relax. By dinner time it was so bad it felt like labor pains! My husband took me to er and by that time I was running a fever doubled over in pain. They did bloodwork and my wbc was elevated. They figured just the flu. Finally another Dr came in and ordered a ct scan due to my husband's persistence. They found I had a large hernia and my bowels had flipped out and twisted with the blood supply cut off! They transferred me to another hospital and performed surgery and said if I didn't come in to er I may not have woke in the morning. I almost didn't go because I am so sick of hospital stays but my children were begging me
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You must be feeling both traumatized and relieved at the same time.   When you are feeling better, please post again any insight/advice for us.

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Sorry you went through that.  Good thing you went, I can see where you felt it was gyn related.  Hope your recovery goes well.  This is a complication we all need to watch for it can happen to anyone, not just WLS peeps, that has had abdominal surgery.

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Oh my goodness! What a horrible time you have had. Prayers of healing and good medical care for you!!


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Very serious situation. I am glad they caught it and hope you have a speedy recovery. 

After this surgery, if you are having serious adominal pains, I would make my Dr do imaging. Having a kink in an intestine is extremely serious. 



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I've been there too-- at 6 months out I had symptoms of vomiting/pain off and on.  Then it wouldn't stop.  I called my surgeon, who on the basis of the symptoms, sent me to the ER where I met a different surgeon.  At midnight, I had surgery.  Turns out that our surgery allows the bowel and intestines to push up into the area where they reroute the intestines to meet the new pouch.  According to my surgeon, I was minutes from losing large pieces of my intestines.  I had the hernia repair, bowel surgery on August 30 at midnight.  Doing fine now and find that I have no nausea or vomiting!  Apparently being constipated can accelerate the formation of the hernia, so watch that you drink enough water.  I add benefiber to my coffee and make sure I eat at least one fiberful vegetable or fruit a day.  This is a real problem and can reoccur.  Be healthy.  And make sure you take it easy for the next weeks and months so you can heal.