marginal ulcer or stitch ulcer

on 11/24/18 5:59 am
VSG on 06/28/17

Just checking in. I spent a week in the hospital for what turned out to be marginal ulcer (or what the GI Dr called stitch ulcers?). I was on PPI post op and am only a few months post revision from sleeve to bypass so was still on the PPI but they have increased the PPI and added carafate. They did quite a few tests while I was there and did iv iron infusions every day. The hida scan was probably the worse test comfort wise. Part 2 of the test required a rapid drinking of an ENSURE (44 carbs/11 grams fat/320 calories) and then laying there an hour until they could take the photos they needed to complete the scan/2 hour test. Just a heads up for anyone who ends up going in for that one. No one warned me at all and I was not happy as by that point in the week my arms were like pin cushions and I was not feeling well by far. My weight is up even though my diet hasn't changed but physiology is all screwed up right now so I am not worried about that, it is just something I have noticed.

I have been reading about marginal ulcers and it seems like everyone's experience seems to be different. I went in to be checked out because of blood in my vomit after eating (not a lot but it was a new symptom for me). I have a pretty nagging burning in the middle of my chest probably about where my stoma is if I had to guess. The medicine they give me for nausea (I have tried zofran and phenergan at this point) both make me tired and constipated. The carafate will do that too. Just be prepared as a bariatric patient if you find yourself in a similar situation.

on 11/24/18 5:15 pm - AK
RNY on 02/11/13

I'm sorry to hear that you're going through that...but very glad you were able to get ahead of having them perforate on you. I had/have ulcers but no symptoms at all, so did not know about them (same with my GERD - no symptoms****il the night in August that I awoke in pain I didn't know was possible to live through after a couple of them perforated. Walked around for an hour hoping it'd pass but finally called an ambulance and ended up in ER for a surgeon who could do a revision on my RNY (they excised the old pouch and I have a new one). Doing well now, just really have to be very strict since I never know if ulcers are developing (no mint, chocolate, alcohol...etc).

I hope that all goes very well for you from this point...good luck!


on 11/24/18 5:24 pm
VSG on 06/28/17

That is so scary to think that you could have ulcers to the point they perforate. i am so thankful you are ok but I am thankful you are willing to share your experience.

on 11/25/18 5:51 pm
VSG on 06/28/17

I just had another massive round of heaving after trying to have dinner with the kids. Bad call on my part. I just wish the food would come is mostly foamies and streaks of blood (from irritation I guess). I have a bariatric appointment tomorrow so I am just trying to stay hydrated but feel so bloated and horrible from the carafate etc. I am really depressed about all of this but I am trying and pushing fluids and trying the foods they suggested. It just really hurts.

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