Caffeine free sprite

Melody P.
on 9/14/19 12:29 pm - TX fav!

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on 9/14/19 2:10 pm
VSG on 02/13/19

Sugar free A&W root beer barrels are good too.



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White Dove
on 9/15/19 5:51 am

At one of my pre-suirgery classes they did a demonstration. There was a large bowl on the table. They filled up a balloon with Diet Coke, tied the end into a knot and put it in the bowl. After a while there was a loud explosion and the balloon burst from the gases that had accumulated inside the balloon.

This completely scared us so that we would never put carbonated soda into our pouch.

Much later, the surgeon told me that was silly. The pouch has an opening at both ends and is not going to build up gases and explode.

Carbonation does not bother me at all. I enjoy it and drink diet soft drinks often. I do avoid the Coke Zero because it is extremely addictive to me.

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(deactivated member)
on 9/15/19 6:51 pm

I still have to burp with carbonation . There are horrible statistics regarding Alzheimer's cancer and heart disease early death ... YEARS earlier for people who drink any kind of soda even diet soda regularly .

Seems perhaps it is the carbonation ( which is totally unnatural to the body ) that's bad for you . That said I enjoy a red wine spritzer which I make with fruit flavored calorie free seltzer .

Ive come to enjoy the low carb green juices like at Starbucks also " hint " flavored waters and Snapple diet iced tea. Non carbonated but still nice tasting and in the case of green juice or frui****er - actually good for you .

Just a warning - some of us get heart palpitations from Crystal light type lemonade mixes - early out I tried a variety of them and didn't know and repeatedly had my heart racing alarmingly to the point I was waking up at night sweating and panicking . Doesn't happen to everyone TG but I haven't touched those products since ( it's an aspartame allergy)

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