Going to bathroom every three days

on 10/19/19 10:28 pm

I wiz just fine, but I only go to the bathroom once every few days. Even something like Metamucil seems to take forever to have an effect. Is this infrequency normal?

Laura in Texas
on 10/20/19 5:13 am
RNY on 09/17/08 with

When did you have surgery? How many calories are you eating right now?

It would not be normal for me.

Laura in Texas

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on 10/20/19 6:32 am - Nashville, TN
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On October 20, 2019 at 5:28 AM Pacific Time, Foamhead wrote:

I wiz just fine, but I only go to the bathroom once every few days. Even something like Metamucil seems to take forever to have an effect. Is this infrequency normal?

it would not be normal for me either. You might try something like Miralax every night. It is safe to use every night




on 10/20/19 6:38 am
VSG on 06/11/18

It all depends on when your surgery was. In the first couple of weeks after surgery, I only pooped every 3 days; I wasn't taking in enough food to poop more often.

If you're more than a couple of weeks post-op, then that level of constipation isn't normal. How much fluid are you drinking? Stool softeners and laxatives simply won't work if you're not getting enough fluid.

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on 10/20/19 7:03 am
VSG on 06/28/17

It would not be normal for most people who are eating and drinking past the liquid stage. I honestly cannot imagine how uncomfortable that would be. Previous posters made the suggestions I would make. I hope you can resolve this safely soon. Reach out to your care team if you need to.

Citizen Kim
on 10/20/19 8:30 am, edited 10/20/19 1:30 am - Castle Rock, CO

People's pooping habits are very personal - some may poop 3 times a day, some 3 times a week

Change in pooping habits - frequency, stool type etc without a change in diet or lifestyle or if there is any discomfort (if not pooping or while pooping) - needs to be addressed.

This thread reads like an article on competitive pooping . Comparison to other people's habits are not really helpful in determining if you are having a problem or not.

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on 10/20/19 8:32 am
VSG on 06/28/17

I had to laugh at the comment about competitive pooping. A new sport, lol.

on 10/20/19 10:16 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Snort laugh...competitive pooping, lol

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White Dove
on 10/20/19 1:29 pm


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Cathy H.
on 10/21/19 5:53 am
VSG on 10/31/16

As the others have said, a lot depends on how far post-surgery you are. High protein diets can cause constipation, and since that is the typically recommended post-surgery diet, it can be an issue. Once you are out of the soft food phases, you may have issues and a lot of people take Miralax every day to battle it. I had issues for the first couple of years, until I spoke to a new nutritionist *****commended taking a probiotic every day. That one change was miraculous for me...no more constipation issues!!

So, if you are eating solid foods and having issues, I highly recommend adding a probiotic to your daily regimen. I take one Probiotic-10 (25 billion) daily. Good luck.

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