What's on your Wednesday Menu?

Queen JB
on 1/25/23 2:26 am
RNY on 07/20/15

Happy Hump Day! What's up? I had a super productive day yesterday and I am ahead on papers for the week, which feels like a miracle, because I really think the workload for this semester is double what I was doing last semester. It's all good now, but starting next week I need to start baking and prepping for multiple cookie classes and all of the Valentine's Day cookie orders! Eep.

QOTD: Did you ever cheat on a paper or test? I never did, but if I knew how, I might have done it in middle school, lol. Are you all following the ChatGPT controversy? The AI is so advanced that kids are using it to write really good papers and some top colleges are freaking out about it. I tried it last night to answer one of my discussion questions just to see how it would do and... damn! It was pretty damn good. Probably a B-? It's going to be a big problem and will probably force colleges to move back to oral exams.

B: egg bites

S: babybel

L: tuna

D: chicken spring rolls

  • High Weight before LapBand: 200 (2008)
  • High Weight before RNY: 160 (2015)
  • Lowest post-op weight: 110 (2016)
  • Maintenance Weight: 120 (2017-2019)
  • Battling Regain Weight: 135 (current)

on 1/25/23 3:19 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Good morning QJB and menuers,

Ah, I remember that anti-drug campaign.

QOTD- Nope. I had a friend who would double check my answers during math exams and ask me questions about it but I did all my own passing and failing on my own. Have not heard of that controversy. Something to read about.

Your ability to get things done is amazing! It's obviously a ton of work and I bet you have a ton of cookie orders. Does Grim help with baking?

I have meetings from 8-3:30 today and was online until almost 11 last night. Will probably need to do the same thing today and for the rest of the week to be in a better place for taking time off. Feeling it, though. Yesterday I found out one of my clients is in NO for work next week while I'm there on vacation with my friend. He wants to meet for coffee for work. We'll see. Just stressing over work volume.

Accountability- Too much whole grain bread since I made a small sandwich with my meat and cheese. I might just dial back complex carbs to triscuits, wasa, and oatmeal for a while. After working through what I have.

Exercise- more bodyweight routines today. I like the soreness right now.


Ratio yogurt, fritatta x2, deli chicken and cheese, boiled eggs.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

282 at referral, 280 at consult, 249 on 7/15 for SADI surgery

Loss: Pre-op-33, M1-12, M2-17, M3-14, M4-11, M5-14, M6-5, M7-6, M8-5

Today's weight: 161.6

on 1/25/23 3:21 am
WLS on 07/15/22
Melody P.
on 1/25/23 4:06 am - Amarillo, TX
on 1/25/23 4:07 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Good morning and yay for the half way point of the week!

Good job on getting ahead QJB!!

Today should be another busy day, there's also an all VP meeting at the end of the day about "hybrid working" so that can go either way. Did anyone else go through the Oscar nominations last night? I do wish they would go back to a reasonable number of best picture nominees, they have capped it at 10 after the year there were like 700, but it should be smaller. I am most excited for the actor that played Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom/Data in The Goonie's nomination and also Colin Farrell. He's so good in Banshees.

QOTD - I don't considering it cheating but when I re-took Stats as a single class later in life because I was still annoyed about my only ever D, I ended up crowdsourcing a lot of my homework answers with with the data geeks in my company. That's as close as I've come.

Accountability - yesterday was chaos -- I ended up not even getting breakfast until around 1...and it wasn't like some of you that forget to eat, I wanted to eat but I could squeeze in the 5 minutes to go from the office to the kitchen to grab something; same with water, way too low for the day. I did end up with about 1.5 meals -- summer sausage and cheddar for "meal 1" and about half the RGF Lasagna Bowl for dinner. It was fine but I didn't love it enough to fini****

menu for today

coffee plus half and half X2

Ratio Yogurt

pita, deli ham, slice cheddar, pickles

yogurt dip and veggies

tbd on anything else

Oh, I know some of you guys are really into the tik-tock cooking things, I don't do tik-tock but someone sent me a thing where someone was making a new trendy French bread pizza....it's hilarious that what people thing they are inventing, I was eating Stouffer's French bread pizza way back in the 80s..if not late 70s. But anyway, for this one, instead of pepperoni, she used chomps meat sticks...which seems very weird to me but I don't know why; I mean pepperoni is a meat stick too. It's not like she was topping it with slim Jims, but still seemed weird.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

HW: 306 SW: 282 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19) CW:150


on 1/25/23 8:24 am - Central Coast, CA
RNY on 06/26/17

I didn't read about the Oscar's simply because I haven't seen any of the movies. It has become almost like the Grammys that I have no idea who the singers are or who the bands are.
But, I was excited at the golden globes to read about "Shorty" from Indiana Jones. I showed his adult pic to DH and said guess who he is. He hasn't changed much. Very happy for him.

SW:261 6/26/17 GW:150 10/6/18

CW: high 140s

PGW: 140-142

on 1/25/23 5:17 pm
WLS on 07/15/22

Hope your meetings went well!

Some of those social media trends are just baffling or are meant to drive reactions. For some reason that Nyquil chicken comes to mind. Like, no one on the planet could think something like that is appealing or tastes good. Chomp sticks on pizza? An odd choice, but at least there's no cold medicine.

282 at referral, 280 at consult, 249 on 7/15 for SADI surgery

Loss: Pre-op-33, M1-12, M2-17, M3-14, M4-11, M5-14, M6-5, M7-6, M8-5

Today's weight: 161.6

Melody P.
on 1/25/23 4:08 am - Amarillo, TX

Good mornin everyone.

I may have my pain pump filled today if all goes well with the neurosurgeon's NP before. Please keep your fingers crossed it goes well! I had my mom take a picture of my incision on the back...no wonder it hurt so bad, the staples are almost touching they are so close together.

Not sure what today'll hold other than those two appointments. I'm in a lot of pain per the usual.

QOTD: I've been loosely following it and a lot of the AI stuff. It makes me feel uneasy...

B: JUST egg, turkey sausage, sharp cheese and coffee

L: two small enchiladas

D: chicken, white bean and spinach soup

S: Doritos (ugh), gouda and some hummus with veggies.

Melody P.
on 1/25/23 4:09 am - Amarillo, TX

Oh and I've never officially cheated on school work that I can think of.

on 1/25/23 10:05 am
RNY on 02/14/18

I hope your day and appts go well

HW: 306 SW: 282 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19) CW:150


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