HELP...revision questions

on 11/11/20 6:21 pm
VSG on 01/15/13

I was sleeved in 2013 and my highest wright was 325 and after being sleeved I got down to 165 and was happy. Fast forward to 2016, I lost both my parents and I just started eating horrible and not sticking to my diet etc. I'm now 260ish and wanting a revision, and honestly would prefer to be resleeved but I keep seeing it's actually more dangerous. Is this true and why is it more dangerous. I have never been a fan of RNY so I'm really hesitant on that.
please help, any advice or stories is much appreciated

White Dove
on 11/12/20 9:31 am - Warren, OH

Regain after weight loss surgery is common. It normally starts in year three. I do not think resleeving is dangerous. But it is usually not very successful and the average weight loss with it is about 20 pounds. You need to work with a surgeon and discuss your options and expectations.

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on 11/14/20 11:10 pm

Hi There,

I was sleeved in 2015 and went from about 185-190 to 115 . I weighed myself yesterday and I am 170. I decided on DS and I am scheduled to have surgery in December. I did a LOT of research and the DS it is not a magic bullet, but I need more than the VSG. I definitely thought about it long and hard, and realize that even with that surgery I could gain the weight back, but it's the best tool out there. Obesity is insidious disease and it more than just move more, eat less. Anyway, what is your biggest hesitation about having another surgery?

on 12/9/20 7:11 pm
RNY on 07/22/19

I had VSG in 2014, and then had to get a revision to RNY last year for GERD. I personally hate RNY and wish I didn't have to get it. Compared to the sleeve it feels like no restriction because it's not a high pressure system. The weight loss from the surgery itself is minimal. I was at 200 when I had the revision and got down to about 190 from having the revision itself. After that I had to go back to basics (high protein, low carb, regular exercise, tracking food) and now that I've done that I've lost another 20 lbs and still losing. My surgeon won't do revisions to RNY for weight loss because it's minimal

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