RNY revision- seeking journey stats

Toya C.
on 5/29/21 5:03 am - Baltimore, MD

I need hard fast stats to assist in my decision-making.

RNYers (as initial procedure) pls help me, answer this...

-1st surgery/yr
- pre-op weight
-lowest weight post-op
-set point weight (longest held weight prior to regain)
- revision (procedure name)/date
- pre-op weight
-post op weight

I'll go first

*pre-op: 280
*lowest post-op: 146 (8/2009)
*setpoint: 175 (1-2yrs w/ little effort, I liked working out tho)

*2013 steady weight increase /current 235-240

(No revision stats yet, this is where your experiences help me, especially post revision stats) HIT ME!

on 5/29/21 6:53 am

Toya, I am in the same boat you are in! Although you did better than me. I am looking for similar answers, as I have not had revision yet but thinking bout it. Here is what I have:

-1st surgery/yr : RNY/2007
- pre-op weight: 282
-lowest weight post-op: 160 and very happy.
-set point weight (longest held weight prior to regain) Stayed there until 2018.
- revision (procedure name)/date: NONE YET but thinking about it.
Current weight: 220

Considering: Revision but not sure which one.

Thanks for your post Toya.

White Dove
on 5/30/21 8:36 am, edited 5/30/21 1:36 am - Warren, OH

RNY results in approximate 100 pound weight loss after approximately one year. Typical regain is approximately 20 pounds in year three after surgery.

Fifty percent regain at least half of their weight lost by year five. Many regain 100% of the lost weight by year ten.

Revision typically results in a 20 pound loss. The only way to lose the weight and maintain the loss is following a diet where you do not take in more calories than your body burns.

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