Second Chance after RNY over 10 years ago. -- Anyone in this boat?

on 6/11/21 6:47 pm

Hi! Thanks for reading my post. I am looking for encouragement and feedback from those who may be in the same boat. I appreciate all responses, but I am not looking for dieting or what to eat or not eat advice. Unfortunately, I know what to do, but don't always do it (although I have been getting better), I also read the statistics and I know what revision stats are... That said, I will try to make this short and sweet.

In 2007 I had RNY and lost 122 pounds. Kept it off until 2018. Several events have occurred in my life and I have fallen off the wagon. When the pandemi****urred and my physical activity ceased, I essentially "blew up the scale". I have gained 69 pounds! Thankfully, I have stopped gaining. I have been working with an amazing bariatric dietician via phone sessions (she is on the west coast and I am on the east coast). So that has been going great. However, I cannot seem to lose this weight. I have been the same weight for a year so I am hopeful I am on the right track. I am in my late 40's and without extensive exercise (even if I restrict my eating) I tend to stay the same weight (fluctuate with 5 pounds).

Now that I said all that. I have just recently started thinking about a revision, AKA my second chance. Is there anyone out there who has had or is going through a revision procedure after RNY? Or do you know of any public figures (or social media influencers) who have shared their journey? I am looking for the journey process (and outcome) of anyone else who was fortunate enough to get a second chance. From my research, not many people have come back to share or post on these forums. If they have, I have not seen it. So thank you for reading this and thank you for any response you wish to provide.

White Dove
on 6/16/21 11:42 am - Warren, OH

As you have noted, people do not come back and post after their revisions. That is because they lose about 20 pounds and are disappointed. People believe that a revision is going to be like a virgin weight loss surgery, where they will lose 100 pounds over the next year. When they realize that the 20 pounds is the result, they stop posting. Whatever you are doing, it is still too many calories. The only way to lose weight is to eat less than you burn.

Carnie Wilson was one star who made her revision public. She lost 20 pounds from her lapband over RNY revision, but wrote that she had to really watch her diet to keep from gaining the weight back.

Most revisions to RNY involve making the pouch and stoma smaller. It is extremely easy to stretch those back out. There are revisions to the intestines that can have life-changing side effects. Make sure you find out what is being done and what side effects to expect.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 6/20/21 4:25 am

Thank you White Dove, I agree. I 100% know that movement is key to my weight loss (of course my eating as well). But, I have gone from being super active (15,000 steps a day) to total sedentary lifestyle (barely 1,000 steps a day). There are several reasons for this... and I am working on getting back to a more realistic activity for which I can maintain. All that said, I have also found that at my age things have really changed and I pretty much have to live on liquid and exercise if I want to lose a pound. I am working with a bariatric dietician who is helping me with setting realistic goals and food choices... I highly recommend this sort of assistance, but for me, it is a lot of out of pocket costs. In the meantime, I will attempt to at least look into revision possibilities. I will keep folks posted on all outcomes because I feel there is not enough out there. Thanks again!

on 6/17/21 11:02 pm

I will be setting sail on June 30. My gastric bypass was in 2010 and now I am set to do a revision. I sort of felt the same about the forum let me not many people come back and discuss things. But I find the blog to be a journey or an outlet for myself. I do have to say that I have found several individuals and interact with them on Instagram. This seems to be helpful to me. There's even a little videos, so it makes it feel More realistic than just writing.

on 6/20/21 4:42 am

Hi deenewme and thank you! First of all, congratulations on your upcoming revision! If you are willing to share, may I ask what surgery you have prior and what you are having done? I will look further on other social medial outlets and see what more I can find. I did go see my bariatric surgeon this past week because I have been having problems for several years (epigastric pain) and several doctors have no idea why... So, when I went to the doctor this week he is sending me for a CAT scan and I am having another endoscopy. While I was there I asked him about revision options and unfortunately, my BMI is too low (I am like 8 pounds away from meeting the BMI criteria) - Really! That said, when I was there I was very inspired. There were so many people starting their journey for the first time and I found myself excited for them (and if I am totally honest, I was also jealous). All that said. Once my tests are over and we rule out a hernia I will likely look into their non-surgical weight loss program that they offer. Good luck to you and please keep us posted on your journey!

on 6/20/21 11:51 pm

I had a RNY in 2010. I lost approximately 70 pounds and maintained until two years ago. Slowly have gained more weight. Two years ago we did try to request insurance to pay for a revision but it was denied. However I believe things have changed on the types of revisions possible so I was approved this time around. I am set for surgery on the 30th of June To have a DS. I can totally relate to feeling "jealous "of those that are starting for the first time. There was a big disappointment within myself and guilt that I had to deal with yeah. That's not to say that I don't sometimes fell down in the dumps about not being able to keep my weight off. It's just that I finally realized that it's importance or slow steps and being faithful to myself.

on 6/21/21 2:17 am

You are so awesome! I understand the feelings of disappointment and feeling down in the dumps and guilting myself... which, if we get technical, we should not feel that way. Now that I have gained, I often wonder what happened to the others I have walked through this with back in 2007? Have they gained, or have they been able to change their ways for life? Initially, I heard from them all the time and one literally became a poster-board! Literally, her image was plastered on local buses and T.V. commercials... she looked great! But where is she now? I think when I initially had weight loss surgery, I did not think long term. I had made good changes and they lasted for a long time, but I fell off the wagon and then just lived in guilt. Then there are people around me that say, well, most people who have WLS gain it back so its expected... I'm like what?! Anyway, I had not even realized revision was an option until a month ago when I called to make an appointment for this problem I am having. I came on the forum to see if there are others out there like me (epigastric pain and reflux) and now I see, there is a world of revisions, AKA a second chance. I am truly happy for you and pray it all goes better than planned. And you achieve your full goal and with long term-life success. Please, please keep us posted on your progress. You are my hero and inspiration. God bless.

on 6/21/21 11:03 pm

Oh my goodness I absolutely had the same thoughts about people that had the gastric bypass at the same time I did. And of course that accelerates my concerns. But most important is holding my own self accountable for my actions and knowing but I can change things. I always appreciate prayers ð?'? Acknowledging my faith in God requires action because I know he can move mountains but hands me a shovel?

on 6/22/21 2:37 am

Well said! And I will keep you in my prayers. I think for me, staying connected to people who can encourage me (not judge) and help (not dictate). I bought a cook back last year from Megan Moore, she is a bariatric dietitian and her book is fantastic! The cookbook is great but I also contacted her and had phone sessions and she really helped see some of the bad eating habits I have created. I highly recommend her help if you can. She is on Instagram and Facebook. Her website is She is so helpful and I strongly recommend her to anyone walking this walk. I chose to do personal phone sessions, but you don't have too. I now follow her on social media and still get some great information. I hope this may be helpful for you.

on 8/1/21 4:14 pm

Thank you for the info on the dietitian! I have a appt with her next week!

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