Seven years behind me

on 1/15/12 5:33 am - TN
It has been a very long time since I was here psoting. I had my surgery in Dec. of 2004 and it was done at Vanderbilt by Dr.Willie Melving. Ups and downs as been few for me as far as the WLS but other health problems has been a lot of hurdles for me.
I decided it is time to take charge of me again and try to make changes. I have put on about 15 extra pounds that I DO NOT want . I was smoker for years and I do mean years and the first of Sept.2011, I quit. I had tried before but never made it a week. Now it has been four months and the extra pounds ! I need help and support to get me back on track.
I am facing surgery for another problem and I don't want to go under and not be back were I should be. I don't get to excerise right now due to the problem so that makes it a little harder for me.
I would love to help any of you that is heading to surgery or just on your journey to a new you, a new life and one that is forever. I also hope that I can find the support from some of you that can help me get back to my weight and to have a way to excerise with out much hard moving which means also I can not walk right now. BLAH.
So happy to be here and hope this isn't to long.
Tngingin in Dover, Tennessee

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