Needing Help In TN

on 7/22/12 2:24 am
I live and work and Northeast TN as a Registered Nurse.  My current position offers BCBS of FL and weight loss surgery is excluded from my plan.  I feel like I really need this surgery and need to do what it takes to have it done.  I have been looking locally for a new job.  Does anyone know of any employers in NE TN that offer insurance which covers WLS?  Is there any individual plans you can purchase?  Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.  I feel like I would be able to better do my job if I could have the surgery and lose weight.  I am 25 years old and have several medical issues due to being obese.
on 9/8/12 12:33 pm - Morristown, TN

I just read your post. Many Medical positons are opened but you need to make sure that thier Medical Ins will cover WLS surgery. Many companies are making sure that thier INS will cover WLS due to it will help with many diffrent areas in a person life including thee amount of Meds they take. I am over 2 yrs out and I have lost nearly 2ooLbs. I need to have the exsest Skin removed. Hope this helps, Sam
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