Help!!!! Can anyone recommend a great bariatric surgeon in Clarksville TN???

on 5/28/14 2:41 pm - Fort Campbell , KY

If you have experience with this surgeon??? Please give me the name!!! T.I.A


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on 6/17/14 8:07 am
VSG on 07/09/14

Dr. Kirk Sahagian. He use to be at Ft Campbell, but has his own practice now in with Premier Medical..I am scheduled for my surgery on July 9..also has a very nice office staff

on 6/27/14 5:01 am
VSG on 10/29/13

I had my gallbladder out my Dr. Sahagian. He did a great job. However, my experience with Gateway medical center left something to be desired. Consider surgery with Dr. Houston or Dr. Spaw in Nashville. It's not that long a drive, and your recovery may be more comfortable in a different hospital.

on 11/4/14 3:12 am - Clarksville, TN

In 2004 I had a RNY with Dr. Steely, I cannot say he is a great surgeon. I never lost down to my goal weight and then in the past couple of years the weight has returned. I went to him to get a referral for a revision and he would not even discuss the idea, he said I needed to get back on track and eat right! I would suggest going to Nashville, the surgeons are better qualified and I think the overall care is better. Keep us posted on your progress.

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on 1/9/15 7:57 am

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on 4/20/15 3:35 am - Cleveland, TN
REALIZE Band on 06/11/09 with

Dr William steely . He is wonderful !!!! 

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