Where do I start?

on 7/11/14 1:03 am - Port Angeles, WA

I have been looking into gastric bypass for about 10-12 years, even was close to having the surgery until a fungus that got into my body and lymph-node caused a massive weight loss and the doctor stopped proceedings. I am not sure which I want a RnY or DS but I know that I need to get on the ball. I have heard that you can not gain weight from the first weigh in, but if the diets and such are not helping then there is going to be some weight gain. I am in Tennessee (Cleveland-about 30 miles north of Chattanooga) and I have no idea who to even start with. I do not have a PCP and since I rarely go to the doctor for anything, I don't know how to find a PCP in this area. If there is anyone on here who is in my area or close to it, it would be appreciated. I did try a herbal supplement in the last few years. went from 295 to 245... good right? well once I started working a 3rd shift and couldn't really eat every couple hours I had to stop taking the supplement and the weight has come back... I am back to nearly 283... it is so frustrating with the up and down weight loss and gain. And the thing that stinks is that I didn't get any of that weight loss or gain recorded by a physician so it doesn't count... lol

So I guess my main question is where do I start? I do have a appointment in a couple of weeks for a "primary" visit at our local urgent care. The doctor does pcp on certain days. I had my blood work done recently and everything looks really good. Normal glucose and cholesterol. I have a good blood pressure. But due to the weight and such I do have shortness or breath, back pain, and prone to bronchitis at least once a year. I do plan on asking him about the weight loss surgery and see if he can refer me to someone who takes TennCare BlueCare (tennessee medicaid).

Anyhow I really need a support system. My dh is great but says he doesn't care if I lose weight or not. But is behind me on whatever I choose. I am not happy the way I am. I hate it more than anything. I grew up with my mother being BIG and I was embarrassed of her. I don't want my boys to be embarrassed of me due to my weight. Although my 17 year old says "mom your not that big... 500lbs is BIG" I just say awwww... but i FEEL like i am a ton. I want my confidence and self esteem back. And in my mind I can't get it back if I am this way. 

Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks so much

on 12/14/14 2:16 am - Port Angeles, WA

Still trying to find info for Cleveland Tennessee area. I am so tired of being tired. My back hurts a lot... looks like i might have a bulging disc now. Hoping to figure out what I have to do to start the process of getting my gastric bypass.

on 1/2/15 6:29 am - Nashville, TN
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you might. Have to drive to Nashville. There are programs at Centennial,Baptist,and Vanderbilt. Gl




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on 1/9/15 7:53 am

Have you tried any natural weight loss programs.

on 5/9/15 10:30 am

I just had Gastric bypass surgery. I'm mid Tennessee.  I went to Cookeville, Tennessee and He was a great doctor. I am not sure exactly where your located. How far are you from Cookeville?

on 2/5/15 3:59 pm - Beersheba Springs, TN

I sorry I won't be of much help. I am also in middle TN and have thought of getting surgery for the past couple of years. The Vanderbilt website is sort of helpful. I just got through checking it out. I am now getting serious about it. I have a sister in law who got the sleeve surgery and a year later she looks like she has gained most of it back, so??? I have seen many pics on this site showing good progress. I am afraid of dying or complications and also having the loose skin. I'm 50 and have enough things falling down as it is-ha ha. Well I am also same weight as you. I lost 50 pds. 2 yrs ago on Atkins, but as soon as I broke the diet I gained it all back eventually, so yes I'm tired of the up and down and ready to get on with it. Like I said I don't have experience to help you, but I wanted you to know your not the only one dealing with this. 

on 3/13/15 12:05 pm

I am thinking about having a revision at Vandy. I had gastric bypass surgery in the 80's and I started gaining weight in 2001. Almost have gained all the weight I lost. I went to Centinneal Medical Center and Dr. Houston said he would do my surgery but then he decided not to... His office called and told me. I asked why and they said they didn't know. I called the office several times to talk to home but he never cLled me back . I have insurance with Aenta. I am checking to find out what the requirements are. Are you thinking about going to Vandy?? Thanks


on 5/9/15 10:32 am

I just had Gastric bypass surgery. I'm mid Tennessee.  I went to Cookeville, Tennessee and He was a great doctor. I am not sure exactly where your located. How far are you from Cookeville? sorry, I copied and pasted because I wanted you to see what I wrote too

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