How long?

on 11/17/14 6:25 am
VSG on 02/25/15

HI! I am new here and wanted to say hi. I went to my PCP today and got the referral to a bariatric surgeon and I have an appt on Friday! My question is for those of you who have Americhoice. How long did it take for you to get approved and get surgery? I know they cover the wls and I have the proof with my PCP of my weightloss attempts for the past several years. I had actually lost 70 pounds then had health issues that prevented me from exercising among other things and I am now about 5 pounds away from gaining it all back. I have tried weigh****chers and phentermine several different times as well as MFP, Anyways if anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated. I am excited and nervous! Oh, I also am hoping to have the gastric sleeve done. 

Nakia I.
on 11/21/14 11:33 pm
VSG on 12/08/14

Hello, I got the referral and had to go thru the 6 month supervised diet (went thru my pcp) once that was complete and I had my referral appointment and they had my psychology and nutritionist appointment complete and they had the notes from them the surgeon submitted to the insurance and got an approval within a week. I am scheduled for RNY for Dec 8th 2014.

on 11/22/14 2:08 am
VSG on 02/25/15

First, congrats on the upcoming surgery date! Thank you for replying. I went and actually met the surgeon yesterday and after my PCP sends in the reports of my 6 months and a letter of recc. I still have to go to psych eval, meet with dietitian, and a physical therapist. They told me it should hopefully be under 3 months from now. I have to attend a seminar too but the next one isn't until the 9th. The only thing I am worried about now, is that I am not sure if my most recent 6 months are back to back. I know from this year I have 6 months though... I wonder if that will still work because it says 6 consecutive months.. Anyways. when do you start your pre op diet? My surgeon uses the Bariatric Advantage products, but those are so expensive! 

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