From Depression to Excitement

on 12/10/14 2:16 am

I have always been prone to gain a tremendous   amount of weight during my pregnancies. My first 83 lbs. 2nd 90lbs. 3rd over 100 and i kept gaining no matter what i did. At 399lbs i became disgusted with life and very depressed. I didnt want to show my face in public. I did but dreaded it. I didnt want to talk to people unless I had to because i was so embarrassed about how i looked. I am so thankful God provided a way for me to get the RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery. I am a little over a month out from surgery and have already lost 40 lbs. Dr. Dyer and his staff has been a blessing to work with and Dallas from Centennial hospital as well. I am so grateful! Just wanted to log on and share a piece of my journey. Love and Blessings!

on 12/10/15 7:51 pm
RNY on 11/16/15

That is so exciting!!

on 6/9/16 10:43 am - TN

Just read your post....How are you doing?  



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