on 9/16/15 6:00 pm


Looking for a surgeon in TN or GA who will perform RNY on someone with  a BMI 75. We live in Chattanooga, TN and there are no surgeons here that will do it.  Insurance has already approved. He has lost 60 pounds on his own which is how he got down to 75 BMI, afraid we can't continue loosing more weight to get below 70, if it were that easy he wouldn't need surgery. 

Thanks any help or advice is greatly appreciated!


on 10/26/15 9:55 pm

TRY NASHVILLE., Vanderbelt center for surgery.. Or Midsouth Bariatrics in Memphis area.. could not find the one I used it was thru UT?Memephis...Am not sure which hospital they choose.

Have him do night will help to burn more calories while sleeping. Tell him don't give UP! He IS WORTH this journey.

on 11/6/15 3:09 pm

Try Dr Scot****son or Michael Hodge with the Surgical Group of Johnson City. Dr Watson is doing mine on Wednesday and they're the leading group for bariatric surgery in Northeast Tennessee. If they can't maybe try Wellmont's Bariatric Center (Dr Andrew Kramer or Dr Elizabeth Jackson). As a previous poster said, don't give up. Try everyone that you can possibly find, someone out there will do it!!!

on 11/13/15 4:33 pm - , TN

Check with Centennial in Nashville!!!!!!! Good Luck!!!

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on 12/3/15 11:33 pm

Just wondering,.. if you found someone?

Todd R.
on 12/29/15 4:54 am - Waverly, TN

Dr Hugh Houston Centennial in Nashville. started out at about 70bmi now I am 24bmi. From 533lbs. to 204 lbs. He is the best. I am 5 years out. I had The Duodenal Switch surgery. It has been very easy for me. Just a couple of setbacks with malnutrition. Got past them with no problem. Take your vitamins and you will do fine.  Good Luck.

on 3/8/16 12:46 pm

I just looked at the drs at centennial in nashville today and gave them a call. they told me Dr. David Dyer is the only physician there that accepts my insurance. How was your experience there?

on 4/17/16 7:07 pm - Butler, TN
VSG on 04/11/16

I am 6 days post-op. I had the sleeve and I drove 6 hours to get my surgery at Centennial. I loved my nursing staff. They were great.

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