knoxville tn - new life center people?

on 2/15/16 2:58 pm

anyone around knoxville tn and especially that have used Dr. Boyce at New Life?

on 4/12/16 1:34 pm - Oak Ridge, TN

went to my first meeting last thursday, sounds great and, i wanted to have the gastric sleeve done, got full coverage thru my insurance pays for it all, because of several pre existing conditions i qualify, but new life requires 1500.00 more for the aftercare they specialize in, well that just blew the wind out of my sails. who is sick and  disaled because of it getting 800 a month , has 1500 to pay ?? not me live from check to chk is sper hard already, but i found out not all dr. do this but new life dose, i am sad

on 10/26/16 10:23 am
VSG on 11/16/16

Dr. Williams at NLBC is doing my VSG on 11-16-16.

HW: 287 SW: 260 DOS: 244 CW: 197.0 GW: 150-ish?

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