13 years after

on 6/8/16 6:51 pm - TN

Dec 17, 2003 I had gastric bypass. Until then I had never in my life had a skinny day.  From a toddler I was large.  I've never been even barely successful with dieting.  I may have lost 2-10 pounds  but it was a battle and I would always end up heavier than before. So this was my miracle.  I made it down to 143 pounds.  It took 2 years for me to lose 140 pounds. I was living the life I had only dreamed of. I went to my twenty year class reunion and everyone ooohed and awed over me.  It was like living a fairy tale.  I could walk into any store I wanted I could find something that looked GOOD on me. Slowly begininng in 2010 I started losing control.....now I'm at 236 as of today and I hate to even get dressed each day because I KNOW that my clothes are going to be a little tighter each day and nothing looks good on me.  So what do I do?  Do I go back and ask for a revision. NO, I'M TOO ASHAMED. I've got to try and take control.  It's not my body fighting me it's my need to feel full.  Yes I need to feel full. I want to eat all the time to fill the void. So this is the start of my accountability...again.  Even if no one reads this but me....It's out there and I'm going to try. I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

on 9/13/16 9:27 am - Cleveland, TN

Go over to the rny board .. There will many people willing to help advise you. Try getting back on track and getting back to the basics. Protein first... Weigh and measure and log every morsel you pop into your mouth! Water water water... Ditch the carbs altogether and try the 5 day meat test 

Banded 6/9/09 HW 242 LW 142 Revision 198 m 1 loss 16 lbs 182. M 2 loss 4 lbs 178. M3 loss 6 lbs 174.m4 loss 4 lbs 168. M5 gain 2 lbs 170. M6 loss 7 lbs 163 M7 loss 5 lbs 159 M8 loss 1 lb 158 M9 loss 0 M10 155 loss 3 M11 154 loss 1 M12 loss 2 152 M13 loss 3 149 M16, 17 0 loss M 18 loss 4 lbs 145 (18 months 53 lbs)

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