Started off right

on 6/9/16 10:39 am - TN

Started the day with my usual and a banana.  Went outside and did some constant weed eating for an hour and then at 10:30 my body said...."uh...excuse me...the banana was gone on the third pull of the cord...go eat!"  So it was ribs at 1030. just enough to stop the hunger and no liquids with it.  I waited thirty minutes and then had some water.  Then I decided my car needed to be cleaned on the inside so I went to work and wiped it down and vaccumed and yep it looks good.  The whole time I was drinking my water.  Believe it or not that truly is one of the keys to losing weight.  


So now I'm relaxing with my laptop and typing in hopes that someone else will read this and be encouraged.


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