Still Here

on 6/14/16 7:46 am - TN

So I missed posting yesterday I was doing my thing as GIGI!  That's my titleto my three precious grandchildren.  We made a redneck slip & slide on the slope of the hill beside the house and made two hundred yes HUNDRED water balloons and threw them.  It was a fine time and I know it counts as exercise because MY GOSH I AM SORE FROM HEAD TO TOE!  I did not remember to drink all of my water though and supper was a Deal BREAKER.  My son loves a good french dip and I make them very well.  So last night we ate Roast Beef sandwiches with Beef auj jus.  Very good but certainly not calorie restricted.  For breakfast this morning I started with a cold piece of pizza and an orange.  So today is focus on my water day and eat less and more healthy.  What about you?  What do you plan today for your body?


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