It's been a while since I was here!

on 11/23/11 5:05 am - Highlands, TX
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I haven't read many posts yet so I'm hoping everyone is doing well. I know it's an old story but I've been busy with life for the past year and haven't hit the boards much at all.

The biggest change in life....A few months ago we found out Beast has prostate cancer so we've been spending alot of time at MD Anderson in Houston. He's doing well, has started treatments and it's down to just a waiting period for it all to start working. He's handling it a lot better than I am, thank God for his sense of humor and general view of life! It's been a whole new world I never thought we'd have to learn about!

In the meantime, since it was already approved, I went ahead and had my second knee replaced in October. The hospital schedule has made physical therapy more of a challenge but it's all working out OK. I now have 2 straight knees! If anyone is wondering whether to have this replacement surgery or not, my advice is DO IT! I wish I hadn't wasted the last 10 yrs waiting until it got 'bad enough' for surgery.

My 2 yr surgiversary was in Sept. and I'm doing well. I've lost a total of about 190lbs, maintaining 165-175lb pretty easy. I know I could get lower but I don't do well with deprivation and right here is completely comfortable place to be. I recently fit into size 8 jeans, I use my clothes as a guide more than the scale nowdays. I still haven't had any problems. My vitamin regime is still a top priority but I have to admit I don't always get enough protein or enough calories.

I hope you all have a Very Happy Thanksgiving!


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Phyllis M.
on 11/23/11 5:31 am - Irving, TX

You look great !!   You go girl !!!    For every pound you lost this year - I found it !!    I'm so disgusted with myself its not funny - but gotta get mad enough to do something about it....I'm just about at that breaking point.  I know what I gotta do - now just do it !! 

I'm so sorry that you and hubby are having to deal with cancer........but it sounds like that he is handling things well and I think the mindset can play an important role in his recovery.
Many prayers and hugs being sent your way !!

Stay in touch !!   
  • Pease check out Dr. Connie Stapleton's Website. A lot of good information on there for all WLS patients regardless of the surgery you chose.  Good luck to all and I'm here for you if you want to send me an email.  I'll answer it as soon as possible.  
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Vivian Prouty
on 11/23/11 6:32 am - Fort Worth, TX
 Love you Dee and you and Doug will be in my thoughts and prayers that God will totally heal his body of cancer.    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Hugs and blessings ~~~ Vivian

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Karla Lewis
on 11/23/11 8:46 am - Livingston, TX
So good to see you back here. Prayersnfor your husband to be heled with his treatments. It sounds lie you are doing a great job maintaining. Keep up the good work.


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Gina 17 Yrs and Still

on 11/23/11 6:56 pm - Burleson , TX

DEE-was so pleased to open the computer this moring, and see your smiling face-been WAY too long! What a breath of fresh air! Some of us are taking an OH break, some of us are still here-and those of us that are here, are THRILLED you took the time to post!

So sorry to read about Beast, but sounds like y'all have it "under control"-under the cir****tances. My mom spent several months, in and out of M.D. Anderson, with my dad, 21 yrs ago. The staff, and other families became like family to all of us-such a great "built in" support system-from the waiting rooms to the cafeteria. I do hope you will find the time to keep up updated about Beast, now that we know about what's going on.

As for YOU, young lady...KUDOS!!!!!! You are the epitome (sp?) of that WLS/weight loss of any kind is all about, IMHO. You are HEALTHY-living life (love your siggy line!!!)...Think of how difficult navigating the hospital, with Beast would be at your former wt (and on your former knees!)

Size 8????? Color me green....Seriously--I am soooooooo thrilled for you!

Please try to check in, when you can

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on 11/25/11 12:36 am
DEE! So good to see you... we were just talking about you ... wondering how you were! So glad you posted to let us know! Sorry to hear about Beast, but glad you two are handling things together. Im with gina... think of how much WORSE the situation would be if you were attempting to navigate MD anderson at your former weight with your former knees!! (have nagivated MD Anderson... crazy!).. Im so proud of your success and so enjoyed meeting you just days after your surgery 2 years ago!!!
Pea green with envy over those size 8 jeans lady!!! thats just awesome!!!!

thanks again for checking in.. keep us posted on you and beast!!


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