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Hello, everyone.  New to the forum and have lots questions.  I have been overweight since a baby and am finally about to take step towards a Gastric Sleeve surgery.  I am a graduate student at UT with the UT select insurance.  I am aware this plan has a high deductible and was wondering if any of you was in similar situation, and how much was the final out of pocket cost.  Also, what surgeon would you recommend around Austin/SA area.  Thank you very much, guys.

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WLS on 12/29/15

I would call your insurance or look at your policy online. My policy covered 80% after I met the deductible if I went to select hospitals (I work for a hospital...so I have to go to their hospital--thankfully its one of the best hospitals in the country!)

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You are considering this backwards. You should figure out which surgery you want/think you want, and find a surgeon that can perform it.

I went to a couple of surgeons when I first started this journey. The first surgeon told me I should only consider the RNY or the lapband- he did not give me any other choices. The 2nd consult told me to consider the DS- I did and almost 10 years later, I'm very happy with my choice.
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I went to Southwest Bariatric in Austin. It is near the UT area near Seton Hospital on 38th street. My surgeon was Dr. Nancy Marquez. 

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Dr. Eric Lough is my surgeon at Southwest.  I had my first appointment with him and knew I had found my doc.  I was hoping to run into someone else in this area.

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I wish you the best!



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RNY on 02/19/15

I used Dr. Dana Reiss. She operates at Methodist Specialty and Transplant hospital in SA, which was considered a center of excellence according to my insurance (UHC). They recently changed the name of the wls clinic but I believe it's called Methodist Weight Loss. It's located in Physician's Plaza I which is literally connected to the hospital, so it's very convenient and Dr. Reiss visited me several times while I was in the hospital after surgery.

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