Psych Eval

Brandy Novak
on 4/18/16 12:09 pm - North Richland Hills , TX

Has anyone had issues on their psych eval ? I am going through the revision process and the Psych Dr. was very judgy and I did not get a great vibe from her. My dr has my results but I can't get them until the 26th. I am literally going crazy lol Pun intended. I am sure it's fine but i am a nervous wreck waiting.

on 4/20/16 3:47 pm - Cleveland, TN

I asked the psychiatrist ... Just exactly are you looking for and he said making sure you don't have a narcissist personality.... Hmmm weird . I'm not even sure he was serious 

on 4/25/16 1:59 pm
VSG on 12/29/15 with my psych eval he just asked me why I wanted surgery and then I did a questionnaire on the computer and that was it. Hopefully this won't be a big deal.



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